Transitional Child Care

Families who currently receive Child Care Subsidy may be eligible for continued benefits when their income increases and becomes greater than the regular Child Care Subsidy income eligibility. See the April 2015 Child Care Family Eligibility Guidelines and Sliding Fee Chart.

The Transitional Child Care Benefit (TCC) is a way to assist families with the continued cost of child care. The benefit is at a reduced rate of the regular child care benefit, which means families have an increased responsibility for their child care cost. TCC is intended to allow families a chance to "transition" into paying the full cost of child care while increasing their financial stability.

Transitional Child Care Benefit Income Limits apply only to families who are currently receiving Child Care Subsidy and have received an increase in household income that makes them ineligible for regular Child Care Subsidy.

A household may be eligible for either Transitional Child Care Level One benefit (TCC-1) or Transitional Child Care Level Two benefit (TCC-2) based on the household income. See the April 2015 guidelines:

The Transitional Child Care Benefit Income Limits do not apply to new applicants for child care. New applicants must first qualify under the income limits for the regular Child Care Subsidy Program. If you are currently receiving child care and have an increase in your income, you may be eligible for this Transitional Child Care benefit. Contact your local Family Support Division office for more information about this benefit.