County to Field Office cross-reference

A child support case may be managed in one of several offices around the state, based on the needs of the particular case. To locate the Child Support office nearest you, select the name of the county where you reside. If you are seeking information about your case with an order for support, you may also call (866) 313-9960.

Please send all Child Support correspondence to:
Family Support Division
PO Box 6790
Jefferson City MO 65102-6790
Please send child support payments to:
Family Support Payment Center
PO Box 109002
Jefferson City MO 65110-9002

You may apply for Child Support services online, you may print the forms at this website, or you may contact the nearest Child Support office to request an application. When you have completed the application forms, mail them to Family Support Division, PO Box 6790, Jefferson City MO 65102-6790.


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