Missouri Reach:
Money for college is within your reach

During the 2009 legislative session, the general assembly placed tuition and fee waivers into statute for certain foster care students per 173.270, RSMo. In the last couple of legislative sessions, money has been provided to support the legislation.

Tuition waivers and fees are available to eligible youth on a tiered priority basis. Implementation of this program is in partnership with the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE).

Priority is given to:

Foster Care to Success, a national non-profit organization, provides administrative services for the tuition waiver program. In order to apply, youth must go to http://www.fc2sprograms.org/missouri/ and complete the online application. Older Youth Transition Specialists will verify eligibility once application is made. The Missouri Department of Higher Education will approve applications based on the priority criteria, however all youth eligible per the statute requirements are encouraged to apply. Youth eligible and accepted will be notified as funding is available on behalf of MDHE.

Foster Care to Success will process the applications once accepted by reviewing the applicants’ transcripts to determine academic standing, confirming the applicants’ tuition and fees with the college or university, and working with students to develop a community service action plan that will be verifiable and outcome based.

Youth who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to make application.

MDHE has established the following types of community service and public internships that youth may participate in to meet this requirement:

The following are not considered appropriate for community service:

Institutions of Higher Education the youth attends will monitor compliance and report it to MDHE. Once a youth is approved for the tuition waiver, continued participation in the program will be determined by academic standing, community service participation, and funding of the program.