Youth who left care after the age of 17 but are not yet 21 may elect to come back into care per S.B. 205 (2013) and S.B. 208 (2013). If it is deemed to be in the best interest of the youth, the youth may have his or her custody returned to the Children's Division through a petition to the Court from the youth, Children's Division, or Juvenile Officer. Youth requesting re-entry through contact with a Foster Care Case Management Contractor, Specialized Care Contractor or service provider are to be directed to the Children's Division office in the community where they currently reside. A petition for re-entry into foster care can be filed:
* In the court that previously exercised jurisdiction,
* In the county where the youth resides, or
* An adjacent county.

When a youth requests re-entry services from the Children's Division, the Chafee Foster Care Independence Support Application, CS-ILP-4, must be completed by the youth. In the section "What would you like for the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program to do for you?" the reason for the request and how re-entry would be in the best interests should be documented. Children's Division staff are to make a referral to Division of Legal Services (DLS) for assistance with petitions and the CS-ILP-4 is to be provided when requesting assistance. There may be additional information DLS will request to file the petition. The DLS attorney assigned to the case will let the worker know if additional information is needed.

When a youth returns to the custody of the Children's Division, normal case-opening procedures will be followed. All case management services the youth would have received had she or he remained in care such as placement, adult support, and clothing allowances may resume. The youth, at the youth's discretion, may request to be appointed a guardian ad litem.  The court must hold review hearings at least every six months and as necessary. Services should be provided by the previous case manager when possible and agreeable to the youth. If the youth was previously case managed by Children's Division, these services are the responsibility of the Children's Division office where the youth now resides. If the youth was previously case managed by a Foster Care Case Management Agency and returns within the service region served by that agency, the youth should be assigned to the Foster Care Case Management agency for case management.

Youth are expected to participate in the case plan, meet with his or her Children's Service Worker, juvenile officer, and Chafee provider, and/or go to school and work to demonstrate his or her own efforts towards independence.

If a youth is in need of immediate services, a referral for aftercare services can be made, as it may take some time for a petition to be heard in Court.