The department contracts with Child Care Aware® of Missouri to provide statewide child care resource, referral and training.

Providers are required to register with Opportunities in a Professional Education Network (OPEN) to track their attendance and completion of trainings obtained through the workshop calendar by registering with the Missouri Professional Development (MOPD) Registry. The system allows providers to track completed trainings in one system without having to maintain hard copies of training certificates.

Child Care Aware® of Missouri makes a Workshop Calendar available to all child care providers. This calendar allows providers to register for face-to-face trainings, either one-on-one or in a group setting, online trainings, on-demand training available to be taken at any time with no pre-set start or completion date or time, either online or through an alternate setting such as ITV, and by-request trainings. Trainings are available to providers at no or minimal cost.

Training modules offered statewide by Child Care Aware® of Missouri include:

  • Basic Knowledge Curriculum- Early Childhood
  • Infant/Toddler Child Care Orientation Training
  • Social and Emotional Child Care Orientation Training

In addition to the workshop calendar, Child Care Aware® of Missouri also serves as a community resource on child care and related issues.

Training Clarification

Suggested Trainings