Educare is a state funded initiative that provides resources, technical assistance and training opportunities, at free or reduced costs, to child care providers with an emphasis on family home providers.

The Educare Vision
Quality early care and education, parenting and health care are essential to children’s growth and development.
The Educare Mission
To promote school readiness by establishing linkages in policy, program and practice that will ensure all children receive a solid foundation for success in school and life.

Guiding Principles for Educare Programs:

  • Strengthening the ability of child care providers to offer developmentally appropriate early care and education activities and programs
  • Developing and expanding school-linked, integrated services to serve young children; focusing on the special needs of children from low-income families
  • Encouraging parental involvement and participation with their child's developmental process
  • Drawing on community leadership for design, implementation and continued involvement to improve early child care and education systems
  • Creating programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of communities

Educare Services Include:

  • Professional development opportunities for child care providers
  • Individualized home visits for family child care providers
  • Customized center-based training
  • Supporting coordination of existing community resources to optimize funding
  • Linking child care providers and families to schools and community resources
  • Increasing consumer awareness of the important role quality child care has in the development of children

Contact Information:

Statewide Coordinator:
Tara Goins
Program Development Specialist
Phone (573) 526-9587
FAX (573) 526-9586
Support Staff:
Erin Borgmeyer
(573) 751-6793
Physical Office Location:
Jefferson Building
205 Jefferson St, 10th floor
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Mailing Address:
Department of Social Services
Children’s Division
PO Box 88
Jefferson City, MO 65103

Contact your local Educare office for a complete listing of services in your area.