Family-centered Services

Family-centered Services are provided to families and children in their own homes when a child abuse or neglect investigation/family assessment response determination is “preponderance of evidence”, “unsubstantiated-preventive services indicated”, or “services needed”. These services are also provided to families who voluntarily seek help. Family-centered Services include a range of treatment and support services and are provided, as appropriate to the case treatment plan, by Children’s Division (CD) staff or are purchased from community agencies. Services include day care; family and/or individual counseling; evaluation and diagnosis; homemaker services; respite care; etc. The case treatment plan, developed with the family is designed to help the family change the conditions which brought them to the attention of CD, to help them to direct their own affairs and to provide suitable care for the children. The primary purpose of family-centered services is to improve and maintain the family unit for the well-being of children.

Who Is Eligible?

Families and children who voluntarily seek assistance, and families and children who have been the subject of child abuse and neglect investigations/family assessments with determinations of “preponderance of evidence”, “unsubstantiated-preventive services indicated”, and “services needed”.