Youth with Elevated Needs-Level B Resource Providers Program

Families/individuals interested in providing care and specialized intervention for children and youth who qualify for youth with elevated needs must have a contract with the Children’s Division as a Contracted Level B resource provider. This type of resource provider must meet all foster home licensing requirements, receive an additional 18 hours of Level A foster care training and 9 hours of Level B resource provider training, and demonstrate the skills required to care for children requiring individualized care. The Level B resource provider is to serve as the primary change agent for these children and must be available to respond immediately to any problem experienced or created by the child whether it be at home, school or in the community. They receive a higher daily rate to insure their availability to meet the needs of the children. Some of their responsibilities include: provide the child opportunities for recreational/social activities; serve as a professional team member in developing appropriate plans for the child’s care and treatment; work with natural parents to help them understand and manage the child’s individual problems and prepare them to resume responsibility for the care of their children; maintain detailed and accurate reports of significant events involving the child, and arrange and transport child to all medical, dental and therapy appointments.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to qualify as a Level B resource provider, the applicants must be able to meet the following criteria: