Intensive In-Home Services

Intensive In-home Services (IIS) are intensive, short-term, home based, crisis intervention services offering families in crisis the alternative to remain safely together, averting the out-of-home placement of children whenever possible. The IIS program combines skill-based intervention with maximum flexibility so that services are available to families according to their unique needs. Among other services, family members may receive individual and family counseling, parenting education, child development training, household maintenance education, nutritional training, job readiness training, and referral to other community resources. Services provided are focused upon assisting in crisis management and restoring the family to an acceptable level of functioning.

IIS is based upon the belief that families can, through intervention, learn to nurture their children, improve their functioning, and gain support within their community to enable the family to remain safely together. The goal of IIS is to protect children through the enhancement of family capabilities. The IIS program is available throughout the state.

Who Is Eligible?

IIS may be appropriate for families that have a child or children at imminent risk of removal from the home due to abuse, neglect, family violence, mental illness, emotional disturbance, juvenile status offense, juvenile delinquency, or other such circumstances.