CANHU Protocol: Structured Decision Making (SDM) Screening Process, Response Priority and Track Assignment

Section 2 Overview

Section 2 focuses on intake, or the point of entry for a family. The information in this section will assist staff in understanding the procedures throughout the entire intake process, from initial contact with the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit (CANHU), through the process of an investigation or family assessment. Completing a thorough family assessment or investigation will help staff identify the service needs of the family.

Chapter 2 Overview

This chapter covers information pertaining to the initial contact with CANHU when reporting abuse or neglect.


Attachment A:
Care, Custody and Control
Attachment B:
Criteria for Priority Response Level One (1)
Attachment C:
Duplicate Reports
Attachment D:
Investigations Involving a Conflict of Interest
Attachment E:
Determining Most Appropriate County for Investigation
Attachment F:
Determining Appropriate CA/N Reports
Attachment G:
CA/N Call-Out Procedure for After-Hours and Holidays

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Memoranda History:

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