Family-Centered Services Family Assessment and Written Service Agreement Development

Section 3 Overview

This section focuses on the actual delivery of treatment services to the family. The information in this section will assist staff in understanding procedures used throughout the entire service delivery process, from opening to termination. Including other professionals in the service delivery process is often vital for improved family functioning. This section will provide procedures for accessing and utilizing contracted services. Another important aspect of the service delivery process includes case evaluation and clinical supervision. Information pertaining to these topics can also be found in this section.

Chapter 3 Overview

This chapter covers information pertaining to conducting family assessments for Family-Centered Service (FCS) and Family-Centered Out-of-Home Care (FCOOHC) Cases. The NCFAS G+R and attachments are used in both FCS and FCOOHC cases and is essentially the same process. FCOOHC cases also utilize the Child Assessment and Service Plan, CS-1, which is specific to each child in out-of-home care. This chapter will focus on the assessment of the family.

Additionally this chapter will describe the procedures for assisting a family in developing a Written Service Agreement.

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