Financial Support Planning

Section 4 Overview

This section pertains to the policy and procedures necessary when an out-of-home placement of a child is imminent or has occurred.

Chapter 11 Overview

This chapter will describe the policy and procedure to make payment for a child in Out-of-Home Care.

Table of Contents


Attachment A:
Standard Payment Rate for Foster Family Alternative Care
Attachment B:
Emergency Placement Payment
Attachment C:
Special Expenses Payment
Attachment D:
Children’s Income Disbursement System (KIDS)
Attachment E:
Deleted 05/19/2011
Attachment F:
Children of Youth in Alternative Care Program
Attachment G:
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Referrals
Attachment H:
Insurance Claims for Children in Children’s Division (CD) Custody
Attachment I:
Transitional Services Payments for Youth with Elevated Needs-Level B Resource Providers

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