Subsidizing an Adoption/Legal Guardianship

Section 4 Overview

This section pertains to the policy and procedures necessary when an out-of-home placement of a child is imminent or has occurred.

Chapter 30 Overview

This chapter discusses the legal, theoretical and procedural processes involved in adoption subsidy as well as subsidized guardianship for qualified relatives or qualified close non-related people.

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Attachment A:
Subsidy Coverage Limitations
Attachment B:
Interstate Medicaid Guidelines
Attachment C:
Other Agency Use of Adoption Subsidy
Attachment D:
Nonrecurring Adoption Expense for Special Needs Children NOT Eligible for the Missouri Adoption Subsidy Program
Attachment E:
Overpayment of Adoption and Legal Guardianship Subsidy
Attachment F:
Missouri Special Needs Adoption Tax Credit
Attachment G:
Payment Rate for Adoption and Guardianship Subsidy Agreements

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