Documentation and Record Maintenance

Section 5 Overview

This section describes the manner in which case records are composed, maintained, and expunged. This section also explores a person's access to records, sharing of confidential information, case documentation and case transfer procedures.

Chapter 1 Case Records and Filing

Definition of Terms
When discussing the composition of a case record the follow definitions are used:

The overall guiding principle when filing a case record is as follows:  if a document or information is maintained electronically (i.e. in FACES, in Outlook, or scanned and uploaded to Document Imaging) then it does not need to be maintained in the paper case file.  It is staff’s responsibility to ensure the scanned document is complete and legible.  NOTE:  Paper copies of the birth certificate and social security card for a child should always be kept and not shredded.

Table of Contents

1.1 - CAN Reports

1.2 - Case Management Records

1.3 - Adoption -Guardianship Subsidy

1.4 - Resource Home (Licensing) Records


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