Case Record Transfer Procedures

Section 5 Overview

This section describes the manner in which case records are composed, maintained, and expunged.  This section also explores a person's access to records and case transfer procedures.

The following guidelines relate to the sharing of confidential information maintained by the Division.  Staff shall share confidential information using the guidelines provided for the specific type of information sought.

For policy regarding a client's right to insert a statement into his/her record, refer to Section 1, Chapter 2.8 Client’s Right to Insert a Statement into his/her Case Record.

Chapter 3 Overview

This chapter provides procedures to follow when a family or child with whom we are working moves from the case manager county, or who remains in the county but changes Children’s Service Worker as well as procedures to follow when resource home supervision is transferred between agencies.  This chapter also includes procedures to follow when a case is transferred from alternative care to subsidy or from one subsidy worker to another.

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