Dual Jurisdiction Program, A Sentencing Option for Youthful Offenders

photo of a youth services office buildingThe information below provides an overview of the Dual Jurisdiction Statute (211.073 RSMo) and the Dual Jurisdiction Program in the Missouri Division of Youth Services (DYS).

Dual Jurisdiction is a blended sentencing option in which a juvenile and adult sentence is simultaneously imposed with the execution of the adult sentence suspended.

To be considered for the Dual Jurisdiction Program in DYS, a youth must meet these requirements:

Assessment and Intake Process

Prior to the youth’s sentencing, the Court shall order the Division of Youth Services to evaluate a youth to determine amenability and appropriateness for long-term, individualized comprehensive programming with the DYS’s dual jurisdictional facility.

The screening includes a:

After this process is completed, DYS will notify the court of the youth’s appropriateness and will request the Court to allow thirty days for completion of the evaluation process. If DYS agrees to placement, the Court may invoke the dual sentencing option as specified in 211.073 RSMo.

The Division of Youth Services operates a 40-bed secure facility in Montgomery City, designed specifically for Dual Jurisdiction youth. The treatment and education components within the facility consist of:

Treatment emphasizes:

Mandatory Hearing

When a dual jurisdiction youth reaches the age of 17, the Court shall have a hearing to decide if the youth will be:

Additional Information

If a youth violates the terms and conditions of the suspended sentence, the Court may:

In the event DYS determines that a youth is beyond the scope of its treatment programs, DYS will petition the Court for transfer of custody.

DYS is required to petition the Court for a hearing before the youth reaches his/her 21st birthday.

Youth may not remain in DYS beyond their 21st birthday.

For additional information regarding the DYS Dual Jurisdiction program, please contact:

Missouri Division of Youth Services Dual Jurisdiction Program
PO Box 447
Jefferson City, MO 65102-3324
(573) 751-3324

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