IM-#68, 06/15/2017, IM-#37, June 20, 2016, IM-35 June 24, 2014, IM-50 June 11, 2012IM-30 June 21, 2011IM-44 June 29, 2010, IM-39 June 11, 2009, IM-43 June 11, 2008, IM-63 June 15, 2006, IM-56 June 2, 2005, IM-60 June 10, 2004, IM-77 June 26, 2003

Section 209.040 RSMo provides "…Every person passing the vision test and having the other qualifications provided in Sections 209.010 to 209.060 shall be entitled to receive a monthly pension … ." Since the amount of payment is not based on the degree of need, the total payment as defined in Section 209.040 will be made.

Effective July 1, 2017, the payment for Blind Pension (BP) grants is $738.00 per month. Payments may be in the form of a check mailed to the participant or in the form of a direct deposit to the participant's checking or savings account. This is the participant's option; however, the participant must have an active bank account to use the direct deposit option.

Blind Pension payments are due and payable on the tenth day of each month and payments are for the current month (see Missouri State Regulation 40-2.150).

A participant eligible for BP will receive payment from the actual date of application, in a pro rata amount. FAMIS will complete this calculation. Refer to the pro-ration chart in Appendix A to see the amount of the pro-rated payment based on the days remaining in the month of application.

Issue retroactive payments to participants when application processing is not completed in time for the participant to receive benefits for the month in which the request for application occurred. Retroactive payments are also issued for any months subsequent to the month in which the request for application occurred for which the participant does not receive a regularly processed check by entering a Worker Initiated Budget Calculation (WIBCA).

Do not issue retroactive payments to participants for any month during which the participant was not eligible to receive benefits. The following are examples:

  1. The participant received an assistance check from another state during the time between the request date and date of approval.
  2. The participant was ineligible for the entire month based on an eligibility factor such as resources exceeding the statutory maximum.

0510.005.00 BP Claimant Dies Before Receipt of Check

When a BP participant dies on or after the date a benefit check or direct deposit was due and payable to him/her, before he/she has endorsed the check for that month, one of the next of kin or a creditor may claim that benefit. To do so, he/she must file an affidavit in Probate Court, stating whether the deceased participant left any estate other than the unpaid check, and, if so, the value of such estate as provided in 208.180 RSMo. An IM-208A (Introductory Letter to Probate Division of Circuit Court) and an IM-208B (Circuit Court, Probate Division: Authorization for release of a check) must be given to and completed by the next of kin and the circuit judge in order for the check to be released.

EXAMPLE 1:  Mr. A receives BP and died on June 3, 2016.  He died before the 10th of the month and his next of kin or creditor may not claim his June BP grant. 

EXAMPLE 2:  Mr. B receives BP and died on June 10, 2016.  He died on the date his BP was due and payable.  His next of kin or creditor may claim his June BP grant.