0500.000.00 Blind Pension
0500.005.00 Legal Basis
0505.000.00 Eligibility Requirements for Blind Pension
0505.005.00 Non-Receipt of Other Assistance
0505.010.00 Ineligibility for SSI
0505.015.00 Ineligibility for Supplemental Aid to the Blind (SAB)
0505.020.00 Age
0505.025.00 Vision
0505.030.00 Correctional Treatment or Operation
0505.035.00 Residence
0505.035.05 Institutional Residence
0505.040.00 Citizenship and Alien Status
0505.045.00 Moral Character
0505.050.00 Support from Sighted Spouse
0505.055.00 Soliciting Alms
0505.060.00 Total Property
0505.060.05 Real or Personal Property Exclusions
0505.060.10 Real or Personal Property Included
0505.060.15 Establishing the Value of Real and Personal Property
0505.060.20 Evaluation of Cash Received from Involuntary Conversion of Real Property into personal Property
0505.060.25 Distribution of the Estate of Deceased Person
0505.060.30 Availability of Inheritance
0505.060.35 Statutory Allowance for Surviving Spouse or Unmarried Minor Children
0505.065.00 Transfer of Property
0510.000.00 Payment And Amount Of Blind Pension
0510.005.00 BP Claimant Dies Before Receipt of Check
0515.000.00 Medical Benefits
0515.005.00 Prior Quarter Medical Benefits
0515.010.00 Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, And Treatment (EPSDT)
0520.000.00 Application Processing
0520.005.00 Prompt Disposition
0525.000.00 Reviews And Interim Activities
0525.005.00 Annual Review
0525.010.00 Change in Circumstances
0525.010.05 Transfer to Vendor Payments
0525.010.10 BP Claimant Enters an IMR
0525.010.15 Change of Category
0530.000.00 Referral To Rehabilitation Services For The Blind
0535.000.00 Location of BP Case Records
0535.005.00 Separation of Spouse Cases
Appendix A Pro-ration of Initial BP Payments