1220.015.00  WAITING LIST

CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

When households meet eligibility for child care services and funding is unavailable or a provider cannot be located, households are to be placed on the appropriate waiting list.  Redetermine eligibility annually for households on the waiting list in order to maintain the integrity of the waiting list and assure funds are distributed fairly and correctly


CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

If it is necessary to place a child on the waiting list due to lack of funds or provider, determine the child's placement on the waiting list based on current priority policy.  The position of a child on the waiting list is determined by the date the child was placed on the waiting list within each priority category.


CD12-14, OEC12-03 January 31, 2012

When a child has been reached on the waiting list or the family chooses a contracted or registered provider, review the case to assure that the family continues to be eligible prior to authorizing the child to a provider.

At redetermination or interim contact with the family, close the household’s eligibility if the family indicates no further interest in receiving child care assistance and requests the case be closed.  For information on authorizing a child to a provider, see Individual Authorization Process (1220.025.00).  For information regarding redeterminations, see Redeterminations (1230.045.00).