CD13-16/OEC13-01 March 11, 2013, CD12-13, OEC12-02 January 30, 2012

Payment for absences and/or holidays is allowable only for the units when a child would normally be in care.
An absence is any day the facility is open for business with other children receiving child care services and an authorized child is not in attendance.
A holiday is any day the facility is closed during normal operating hours and no children are in care. This includes, but is not limited to standard legal holidays, local holidays, the facility closing due to inclement weather, or a provider vacation.

NOTE: Child care providers shall not claim absences in lieu of a holiday if all eleven (11) holidays have been exhausted within the fiscal year.

Payment may be made at the child's authorized level of care (Full-, Half-, or Part-Time) when the child is not in attendance, subject to the following limitations, as long as the child attended a minimum of one (1) unit in the month: