1000.000.00 December 1973 Eligibility Requirements
1000.005.00 Application for Other Benefits
1005.000.00 Age and Social Security Number
1005.005.00 Age (OAA, AB, PTD)
1005.010.00 Social Security Number (OAA, AB, PTD)
1010.000.00 Citizenship and Alien Status (OAA, PTD, and AB)
1015.000.00 Residence (OAA, PTD, and AB)
1015.005.00 Claimants from Outside Missouri
1015.010.00 Claimants Residing in an Institution
1015.015.00 Determination of State Residence
1015.020.00 Absence from Missouri
1015.020.05 Temporary Absence
1015.020.10 Absence-Due to Physical/Mental Condition
1015.020.15 Determining if Absense is Temporary
1015.020.20 Out-of-State Review of Eligibility
1015.020.25 Correspondence with Out-of-State Agency

1020.000.00 Institutional Residence (OAA,PTD, and AB)
1020.005.00 Inmate of Public Institution
1020.010.00 Patients in a Medical Institution
1020.015.00 Patients in Private Institutions
1020.015.05 Essential Needs Requirements
1020.020.00 Leased County Homes
1020.025.00 Missouri State Rehabilitation Center

1025.000.00 Cash and Securities (OAA and PTD)
1025.005.00 Legal Reference
1025.010.00 Definition
1025.015.00 Particular Accounts, Exceptions to Cash and Securities as an Available Resource, and Special Consideration for Vendor
1025.015.01 Cash Remaining from an Assistance Check or other Budgeted Monthly Income
1025.015.02 Uniform Relocation Assistance Act
1025.015.03 Involuntary Conversion of Real Property into Personal Property
1025.015.04 Trust Funds and Restricted Accounts
1025.015.04.01 Special Needs Trusts, Supplemental Needs Trusts, and Pooled Trusts
1025. Missouri Family Trust Fund (Midwest Special Needs Trust)
1025.015.05 Joint Bank Accounts
1025.015.06 Business Accounts in Financial Institutions
1025.015.07 Retirement Accounts Belonging to the Parent of a Disabled Child
1025.015.08 Ricky Ray Hemophilia Fund and Susan Walker v. Bayer Corporation Class Action Settlement Payments
1025.015.09 Retirement Accounts Belonging to a Former MA-WD Participant
1025.015.10 Independent Living Accounts Belonging to a Former MA-WD Participant
1025.015.11 Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) Account
1025.015.12 Dedicated Accounts for SSI Recipients Under Age 18
1025.015.13 Uniform Gift to Minor Accounts
1025.015.14 Proceeds from a Bona Fide Loan
1025.015.14.01 Reverse Mortgages
1025.015.15 Agent Orange Settlement Payments
1025.015.16 Special Consideration For MHABD Vendor Approvals
1025.015.17 Achieving a Better Life Experience Account

1030.000.00 Available Resources (OAA and PTD)
1030.000.05 Resources Fall Below Limit in Month of Application
1030.005.00 Property as an Available Resource
1030.010.00 Real Property
1030.010.05 Homestead Exemption
1030.010.10 Real Property as Available Resource
1030.010.15 Determination of Ownership Of Real Property
1030.010.20 Value of Real Property
1030.010.25 Determination of Equity in Real Property
1030.015.00 Cash and Securities as an Available Resource
1030.020.00 Life Insurance, Prepaid Burials and Burial Funds
1030.020.05 Life Insurance
1030.020.10 Burial Contracts
1030.020.10.05 Agreements Prior to October 13, 1965
1030.020.10.10 Agreements on or after October 13, 1965
1030.020.10.15 Irrevocable Pre-Need Contract
1030.020.10.20 Assigning Life Insurance to Burial Fund Contracts
1030.020.15 Designated Burial Funds
1030.020.20 Cash Surrender Value (CSV) Exemption
1030.025.00 Personal Property as an Available Resource
1030.030.00 Annuities
1030.030.05 Definitions Related to Annuities
1030.030.10 Determining Eligibility for MHABD Vendor or Home and Community Waiver Services for Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments on or after April 20, 2010 When There is a Community Spouse
1030.030.10.05 Value of the Income Stream from an Annuity
1030.030.10.10 Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments on or after August 28, 2007
1030.030.10.15 Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments on or after August 28, 2005, but Prior to August 28, 2007
1030.030.20 Annuities as an Available Resource
1030.030.20.10 Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments on or after August 28, 2007
1030.030.20.15 Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments on or after August 28, 2005, but prior to August 28, 2007
1030.030.20.20 Annuities that were Purchased and Began Making Payments prior to August 28, 2005
1030.035.00 Division of Assets
1030.035.05 Definitions
1030.035.10 Overview of the Division of Assets
1030.035.15 Assessment of Assets
1030.035.15.01 Declaration of Assets
1030.035.15.02 Processing Assessments
1030.035.15.03 Disposition of Assessments
1030.035.15.04 Nursing Home Requirements
1030.035.20 Spousal Share
1030.035.20.05 Increase of Spousal Share in a Fair Hearing
1030.035.25 Disregard of Spousal Share
1030.035.30 Required Transfer of Assets (Spouse Vendor Case)
1030.035.35 Receipt of Resources Following Approval
1030.035.36 Community Spouse Becomes Institutionalized
1030.035.40 Prior Quarter
1030.040.00 Distribution of Estate of Deceased Person
1030.045.00 Availability of Inheritance
1030.050.00 Statutory Allowances for Surviving Spouse or Unmarried Minor Children
1030.055.00 Missouri Long Term Care Partnership Program
1030.055.05 How to Apply the Asset Disregard
1030.055.10 How to Determine if the Policy is a Qualified Long-Term Care Partnership Policy
1030.055.15 Estate Recovery
1030.055.20 Qualified Long-Term Care Partnership Policy Requirements

1035.000.00 Real and Personal Property (AB)
1035.005.00 Real or Personal Property Limit
1035.005.05 Real or Personal Property Exclusions
1035.005.10 Real or Personal Property Included
1035.005.15 Establishing the Value of Real and Personal Property
1035.010.00 Distribution of Estate of Deceased Person
1035.015.00 Availability of Inheritance
1035.020.00 Statutory Allowances for Surviving Spouse or Unmarried Minor Children

1040.000.00 Transfers of Property
1040.005.00 Legal Basis
1040.010.00 General Provisions
1040.015.00 Definition of Terms
1040.015.05 Property Transfer
1040.015.10 Fair and Valuable Consideration
1040.015.10.05 Promise to Pay
1040.015.10.10 Beneficial Interest
1040.015.15 Institutionalized Individual
1040.015.20 Community Spouse
1040.015.25 Look-Back Date and Period
1040.020.00 Determination of Transfer of Assets
1040.020.05 Establishing the Look-Back Date
1040.020.05.05 Transfers Accomplished through Trusts or Annuities
1040.020.05.10 Transfers not Accomplished through Trusts or Annuities
1040.020.10 Investigation of Assets Transfer
1040.020.10.05 Transfer of Assets Investigation, Non-Institutionalized Persons
1040.020.10.10 Transfers in Exchange for Lifetime Care
1040.020.15 Establishing Date of Transfer
1040.020.20 Eligible with the Property
1040.020.25 Transfer to Establish Eligibility
1040.020.30 Determining Fair and Valuable Consideration
1040.020.35 Annuities Resulting in a Transfer of Property
1040.020.35.05 Annuity Payout During the Claimant's Lifetime
1040.020.35.10 Irrevocable, Period Certain Annuities
1040.020.35.15 Irrevocable, Life Annuities
1040.020.40 Determining the Penalty Period
1040.020.40.05 Multiple Periods of Ineligibility
1040.020.40.10 Periods of Ineligibility when both Spouses are Institutionalized
1040.020.40.15 Eligibility for other Programs during a Penalty Period
1040.020.40.20 Dispute of Improper Transfer of Assets Penalty
1040.025.00 Notice Requirements
1040.030.00 Undue Hardship Waiver
1040.030.10 Effective Date of Approved Hardship Waivers Timely Request - Received Within 10 Days After Date of Notice
1040.030.20 Untimely Request- Received Later Than 10 days After Date of Notice
1040.030.30 Required Documentation
1040.030.40 Determination Process Timeframe
1040.030.50 Fair Hearing Rights
1040.030.60 Referral for Financial Exploitation

1045.000.00 Soliciting Alms (AB)

1050.000.00 Parents Or Sighted Spouse Able To Support (AB)
1050.005.00 Sighted Spouse
1050.010.00 Statement of Parent or Sighted Spouse

1055.000.00 Vision (AB)
1055.005.00 Blindness (AB Eligibility Criteria)
1055.010.00 State Supervising Ophthalmologist
1050.015.00 Eligibility Based on Visual Eligibility

1060.000.00 Disability (PTD eligibility criteria)
1060.005.00 Verification of Disability
1060.005.05 Obtaining Medical Evidence for Medical Review Team
1060.005.10 Submitting Information on New Applicants to MRT
1060.005.12 Submitting Information to MRT for Individuals Engaged in Substantial Gainful Activity
1060.005.15 Submitting Information on Cases Previously Reviewed by MRT
1060.005.20 Loss of SSI or RSDI Benefits
1060.005.25 Disability Re-determinations
1060.010.00 VR and Medical Treatment

Appendix A Determination of the Value of a Life Estate or Dower Interest
Appendix B December 1973 Eligibility Requirements
Appendix C-1 Life Expectancy Chart for Females
Appendix C-2 Life Expectancy Chart for Males
Appendix D Substantial Gainful Activity