A woman must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Social Security Number.
  3. Residence
  4. Citizenship and Alien Status
  5. Need

NOTE: MAF eligibility factors not listed above (such as  Assignment of Support Rights, Cooperation in Obtaining Support) do not apply to the MC+ for Pregnant Women program.

0925.010.05  Pregnancy

To be eligible a woman must be pregnant. The fact of pregnancy must be documented by medical diagnosis before the case can be approved for MC+ healthcare coverage. The present length of pregnancy must be determined so that the beginning date of MC+ healthcare coverage can be determined and a priority set for the expected due date. (See MC+ Healthcare Coverage). Accept a statement from the claimant's physician. If needed, FSD can pay for a medical examination to determine pregnancy in the same manner as for an examination to determine incapacity for the Medical Assistance (MA) program.

A written statement from a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse may be used to verify pregnancy. If incapacity must be established, obtain a physician's statement.

0925.010.10  Social Security Number (MPW)

IM-#51 April 26, 2002

This factor of eligibility applies to the pregnant woman. It is not applicable to other persons who may be included in the assistance group (i.e. spouse of pregnant woman). Follow the instructions outlined in Section 0905.010.05 for this eligibility factor.

While obtaining a social security number is not a factor of eligibility for other persons in the assistance group, the social security number should be requested as it may be needed to verify income.

0925.010.15  Residence (MPW)

This requirement is the same as for MAF. Refer to Section 0905.010.25.

0925.010.20  Citizenship And Alien Status (MPW)

IM-#54 July 21, 2009,   IM-#31 April 6, 2007,  IM-#66 June 23, 2006

The requirement is the same as for MHF. Refer to Section 0905.010.30.