IM-#71 June 14, 2002

This policy was eliminated effective July 1, 2002 by Missouri House Bill 1111.

This program provides up to 24 months of MC+ healthcare coverage to uninsured non-custodial parents of children less than 19 years of age. To qualify, the non-custodial parent (NCP) must be current in their child support payments and have a family income less than 125% of the federal poverty level (FPL) for their household size.


0935.005.00  LEGAL BASIS (NCP)

A Medicaid waiver under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act authorizes this coverage. Coverage began February 1, 1999 for uninsured, NCPs.

Eligibility for this group of non-custodial parents will begin the date of application or February 1, 1999, whichever is later. Prior quarter does not apply. Use type of assistance, “X” -- Non- Custodial Parents, and “F” level of care to designate this group of NCPs.


The following eligibility criteria apply to this group of uninsured NCPs:

  • Uninsured
  • Net income at or below 125% FPL
  • Current in paying child support at or above their legally obligated amount
  • Social Security Number
  • Residence
  • Citizenship/Alien status
NOTE: There are no asset or resource limits for this program.

0935.010.05  Uninsured (NCP)

The uninsured requirements are the same as those used to determine eligibility for MC+ level of care “1” and “2” children. Refer to Section 0920.020.05.

0935.010.10  Income (NCP)

Assistance grouping and determination of income are the same as for MC+ for children. Income deductions and disregards are the same as allowed for MC+ for non-CHIP children. The net monthly income must be at or below 125% FPL for the NCP to be eligible. The assistance group is determined based on the NCP's current living arrangement. The children for whom the NCP pays child support are NOT included in the assistance group.

0935.010.15  Child Support Is Current (NCP)

Current in paying child support is defined as either of the following:

  • Having made at least four payments, at or above the legally obligated amount, for ALL the NCP's children in the previous six month period; or
  • Current for ALL the NCP's children with no arrearages indicated in the Missouri Automated Child Support System (MACSS).

The legally obligated amount is the amount established either by a court order or an administrative order through DCSE. If there is no court or administrative order, the NCP is not eligible.

For newly acquired court orders (less than 4 months) if the non- custodial parent has made his monthly child support payments as obligated he is considered as current.

The MACSS Screens are a possible source to document child support payments and should be used whenever possible. Refer to CKS memorandum dated October 23, 1998, Missouri Automated Child Support System, for instructions. If you encounter problems using the MACSS system, contact the DCSE office servicing your county of residence. If the NCP is paying directly to the custodial parent, it will be the responsibility of the NCP to provide a copy of the order and a statement from the custodial parent confirming child support payments are current.

0935.010.20  Social Security Number (NCP)

IM-#51 April 26, 2002

This factor of eligibility applies to the NCP.  It is not applicable to other persons who may be included in the assistance group (i.e. spouse, children).  Follow the instructions outlined in Section 0905.010.05 for this eligibility factor.

While obtaining a social security number is not a factor of eligibility for other persons in the assistance group, the social security number should be requested as it may be needed to verify income.

0935.010.25  Residence (NCP)

The requirement is the same as for MAF. Refer to Section 0905.010.25.

0935.010.30  Citizenship/Alien Status (NCP)

The requirement is the same as for MAF. Refer to Section 0905.010.30.


Coverage will be available for a maximum of 24 months. An entry is required in IMU5 Field 32, Medicaid Terminates Date, to track the 24 months. Enter 24 months in the future from the beginning eligibility date entered in Field 13E.  The system will close the case on the date in Field 32. If eligibility terminates prior to 24 months, the NCP can apply later and be approved for any unused months. When an NCP exhausts their 24 month limit, they will not qualify for any future coverage under this program.