This policy was eliminated effective July 1, 2002 by Missouri House Bill 1111.


IM-#71 June 14, 2002

This program provides MC+ healthcare coverage to uninsured non- custodial parents actively participating in the Missouri Parents' Fair Share (PFS) program. FSD and the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) jointly establish eligibility for this program.

0940.005.00  LEGAL BASIS (PFS)

A Medicaid waiver under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act authorizes this coverage. Coverage began February 1, 1999 for uninsured non-custodial parents.


The following eligibility criteria apply to this group of uninsured non-custodial parents:

NOTE: There are no income or resource requirements for this program.

0940.010.05  Uninsured (PFS)

DCSE staff will use the same uninsured requirements as those used to determine eligibility for MC+ level of care “1” and “2” children. Refer to Section 0920.020.05.

0940.010.10  Participating In Parents' Fair Share

Participation and cooperation in PFS are mandatory for MC+ eligibility.

The DCSE PFS Self-Sufficiency Case Manager (SSCM) identifies a PFS participant who meets all the eligibility criteria for MC+. The SSCM completes the Medicaid Eligibility Notice (CSE-67) advising FSDy that the PFS participant is eligible for MC+.

0940.010.15  Social Security Number (PFS)

IM-#51 April 26, 2002

This factor of eligibility will be established by DCSE and included on the CSE-67. The requirement to provide the Social Security number is the same as that outlined in Section 0205.010.00 for this eligibility factor.

0940.010.20  Residence (PFS)

The requirement is the same as for MAF. This factor of eligibility will be established by DCSE and included on the CSE- 67.

0940.010.25  Citizenship/Alien Status (PFS)

The requirement is the same as for MAF. For non-citizens, DCSE will contact the MC+ phone center with the alien status, registration number and date of entry. The phone center staff will follow normal procedures to determine if the alien meets alien status criteria for MC+ coverage and notify DCSE.
ice and close the case.