1105.025.05.05 EU Members Exempt from Work Registration

IM-#74, December 21, 2018, IM-#53, May 22, 2017, IM-#25, March 23, 2017, IM-#33 June 24, 2014, IM-#19 February 28, 2006, IM-#143 December 5, 2005, IM-#103 October 4, 2004, IM-#9, February 6, 2002, IM-#32 April 1, 1999

Exempt from mandatory work requirements an EU member who is:

Individuals who are over age 15 and under age 60 who do not meet an exemption are mandatory to comply with work requirements.

NOTE: These individuals may volunteer to participate in the Missouri Employment and Training Program. If they volunteer, enter code 24 in the code field and EIV (exempt immediate volunteer) in the status field on the Employment Assessment (EMPLOY/FMMS) screen.