1105.025.55 Work Registration (METP) Noncompliance Sanctions

IM-#103 October 4, 2004,  IM-#32 April 1, 1999

Sanctions for noncompliance with work registration (METP) will be applied as follows:

If during an METP noncompliance disqualification period an individual meets an exemption or exclusion from work registration requirements, the individual may resume participation in the Food Stamp Program if otherwise eligible. Meeting an exemption or exclusion ends the sanction for the individual. To end the sanction when it is determined the sanctioned individual meets a work registration exemption or exclusion go to FMMS, enter the individual's DCN in the DCN field. Tab to the sanction and type “U” on the C line. Tab to the RSN (reason) field and type or prompt for the “meets an exemption” code and press enter. Complete an eligibility determination (EDRES). The disqualification period does not resume if later the individual no longer meets an exemption or exclusion. Refer to Updating/Ending a Sanction or Disqualification user guide.