1105.032.00 Notices

IM-#68 July 26, 2013, IM-#103 October 4. 2004

FAMIS notifies the EU, in writing, when an EU member has failed to comply with DWD by generating and automatically mailing the FA-601 Informational Notice. The FA-601 Informational Notice notifies the EU:

If there is no change to the non-complying EU member's work assessment code or no good cause code entered on the Employment Assessment (FMMS) screen by the expiration of the FA-601, FAMIS generates the FA-510 Adverse Action Notice and creates the sanction. An alert is sent stating "Action not Authorized". If the action is not authorized to send the FA-510 Adverse Action Notice within 10 days, FAMIS authorizes and automatically mails the form.  The FA-510 Adverse Action Notice notifies the EU:

The EU may request a hearing due to the adverse action on the case. The hearing may be requested in person, in writing, or by telephone. (Refer to instructions for the Application for State Hearing.)

If the FA-510 Adverse Action Notice is not put on hold or voided (refer to the Changing An Adverse Action Status user guide), the non-complying EU member is removed or the case closed. The FA-150 Claimant Action Notice is sent to the EU notifying the EU:

The FA-151 Food Stamp Budget Summary is included with the FA-150. Forms can be viewed on the Document Queue (DOCQUE/FMVM) or Document History (DOCHST/FMVR) screens.