1115.000.00 INCOME

IM-#84 August 5, 2005

Income is defined as money or its equivalent from whatever source excluding only items specified under excluded income. The income considered is normally that which is anticipated to be received during the period of certification. Combined monthly net food stamp income of all EU members will not exceed the maximums. Categorically eligible EUs are not subject to the same maximum income eligibility standards as other EUs.

1115.005.00 Earned Income

IM-#29 March 30, 2018IM-#38 April 28, 2010IM-#30 April 9, 2010IM-#55 July 21, 2009IM-#84 August 5, 2005IM-#151 November 20, 2002IM-#128 July 17, 2001

Enter the income information on the Income (FMX0) and Income Amount (FMX3) screens. The income type code is EI (earned income). The income source code follows each income in parenthesis. Refer to the FAMIS Income Code Chart for more information. Record a comment as outlined in the FAMIS Comments Quick Reference Chart. Earned income includes the following.

If a household member earns wages but the wages are diverted by the employer and paid to a third party for an EU expense, the income is counted as wages.

NOTE: Consider earnings to individuals participating in on-the-job training programs under Workforce Investment Act (WIA) as earned income. This provision does not apply to EU members under 19 years of age under the parental control of another adult member. (on-the-job training is coded J1.)

Consider recurring lump sum payments as income when received. Code the recurring lump sum as the type of income it is on the Income (FMX0) screen and record that the payment is recurring.

EXAMPLE: Mr. C is guaranteed to receive a bonus quarterly from his employer. Code the income as a bonus (BO) and record that the payments are recurring.

Irregular earned income received on a casual or unpredictable basis that cannot be reasonably anticipated to be available during a three-month period and is not in excess of $30 during the three month period is excluded. Record the income on the Income Amount (FMX3) screen, and enter the excluded/irregular amount in the Irregular Amount field.

Always review the Food Stamp Budget Summary (FSBUDSUM or FM4A) screen prior to authorizing a case action. From the Budget Summary screen press F14=INCSUM to view the Income Summary Detail (INCSUMM or FM33) screen to ensure income you expect to be budgeted is included in the budget. If the income is incorrect, return to the appropriate screen and correct the inaccurate information.