1115.020.00 Determining Income

IM-#27 May 1, 2014, IM-#14  January 23, 2003

For initial applications:

For recertification applications:

If the amount of income that will be received, or when it will be received, is uncertain, do not count the portion of the household's income that is uncertain. For example, a household anticipating income from a new source, such as a new job or recently applied for public assistance benefits may be uncertain as to the timing and amount of the initial payment. Income shall not be anticipated unless there is reasonable certainty of the month in which the payment will be received and in what amount.

EXAMPLE: Mrs. A has a part-time job and was approved for SSA on 1/18. It is not certain that Mrs. A will receive an SSA check in the month of February. Therefore, only the income from her employment is counted for the month of February. If it is certain Mrs. A will receive the SSA payment in February, it is counted as income for February.

1115.020.05 Projecting Income

IM-#27 May 1, 2014, IM-#14 January 23, 2003

Projection is defined as anticipation of the income and circumstances that will exist during the certification period. To project income:

As a result of anticipating income, the EU's allotment for the month of application may differ from its allotment in subsequent months.

Use guidelines to project monthly income as stated for each of the following situations:

Fluctuating Income

New Income

Contract or Self Employment Income

Stable Income

1115.020.05.05 Actual Income

IM-#50 August 8, 2018, IM-#27 May 1, 2014, IM-#13  February 7, 2002

Actual income is budgeted in a month which contains a pay period of no or zero income and when income starts or stops during the month. This may also occur when the person is off work or on leave without pay for any part of the month.