1115.020.10 Income Only in Month Received

Count income anticipated during the certification period as income only in the month it is expected to be received, unless the income is averaged.

1115.020.15 Advances on Wages

Consider wages held at the request of the employee as income to the household in the month the wages would otherwise be paid by the employer. However, wages held by the employer as a general practice, even if in violation of law, are not counted as income to the household unless the household anticipates that it will ask for and receive an advance. If the household anticipates that it will receive income from previously held wages, count as income at the time the wages are received. Advances on wages only count as income if reasonably anticipated to be received during the certification period.

1115.020.20 Military Pay Date

Military personnel receive one or two pay checks per month. Those receiving one check per month are paid on the first day of the following month. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, the check is issued on the last day preceding the weekend or holiday.

To determine income for military pay, when the first is on a holiday or weekend, count income as being received in the month following the date the check is issued.