1115.035.35 Net Income and Benefit Level Calculation

IM-#66 September 3, 2008IM-#51 June 8, 2007IM-#10 February 16, 1999

To determine net monthly food stamp income, use the exact dollars and cents for income, income deductions, excess shelter costs, and medical expenses. FAMIS rounds the monthly net food stamp income down if the net monthly income calculation ends in 1 through 49 cents (such as $103.19 = $103.00) and rounds up the net monthly food stamp income if the calculation ends in 50 through 99 cents (such as $130.70 = $131.00).

The following steps are completed by FAMIS to determine the EU's monthly net income:

To understand how the food stamp budget is calculated, refer to Manually Calculating a Food Stamp Budget.