1115.040.15 Computing Averaged Self-employment Income

IM-#88  October 4, 2006IM-#167  September 10, 2001

The manner in which income is received and expenses paid determines the method of budgeting and computing income. Net self-employment income (income after expenses of producing are deducted) is included in the discussion below on self-employment income.

Anticipate monthly income as follows.

To enter income information in FAMIS, take the following steps.

1115.040.20 Anticipating Current Year's Expenses

Anticipate the current year's expenses by:

If the predication was based on unreported/incorrect information or the eligibility specialist made an error in the budget, action may be necessary on the overissuance or refund.

1115.040.25 Expenses of Producing Self-employment Income

IM-62 May 31, 2017, IM-#49  July 1, 2009IM-#88  October 4, 2006IM-#124 September 15, 2003IM-#167 September 10, 2001

Allowable expenses for producing income are not limited to the following items.

EXCEPTION: Show taxes assessed on the home of the self-employed EU as shelter expenses.

Since property taxes are shown on the tax bill in two categories, real and personal:

To enter expenses in FAMIS take the following steps after you have entered the income information and comments on the appropriate screens.

1115.040.30 Non-Expenses of Producing Self-employment Income

IM-#49  July 1, 2009IM-#88  October 4, 2006IM-#167 September 10, 2001

The following are expenses that are not allowable for the Food Stamp Program.