1115.055.00 STUDENT INCOME

IM-#10 February 1, 2007

Refer to Special Application Procedures for EU members who are considered students in an institution of higher education for eligibility purposes. Income for students in an institution of higher learning and students in other post secondary school/training is budgeted in the same manner.

Educational income is excluded. FAMIS excludes the following education income (ED):

Enter student income on the Income (FMX0) screen. Type or prompt for the appropriate income source code. Enter the income amount of educational assistance on the Income Amount (FMX3) screen. Determine the number of months remaining in the intended period of coverage and type or prompt for the appropriate frequency and calculation method codes. Student income may be received during or after the period it is intended to cover.

1115.055.05 Student Quits School

IM-#10 February 1, 2007

If the student quits school during the school term/semester, continue to budget the educational income (except non-deferred loans), for FS purposes.

1115.055.10 Student Income Expenses

IM-#10 February 1, 2007

If the student provides student expense information, enter the expenses on the Income Expense (FMX1) screen. From the Income (FMX0) screen press F14=INCEXP to go to the Income Expense (FMX1) screen. Because the income is excluded, do not pend for verification of expenses, unless another program needs the information to complete an eligibility determination.

Review the Food Stamp Budget Summary (FM4A) screen prior to authorizing a case action. From the Budget Summary screen, press F14=INCSUM to review the Income Summary Detail (FM33) screen to ensure income expected to be budgeted is included or excluded in the budget. If the income is incorrect, return to the Income Amount (FMX3) screen and correct the income.