1130.025.00 Delays in Processing

IM-#74, 06/15/2017 IM-#62 October 18, 2011, IM-#26 March 19, 2004

Determine the reason for delay if an application is not processed within the appropriate timeframe.

Enter the delay code on the Application Request (FM0G) screen when an application becomes overdue.  If the eligibility specialist does not enter the appropriate delay code and the application can be automatically rejected by the system, the system defaults to agency delay during the overnight batch process.  If the eligibility specialist does not enter the appropriate delay code prior to completing a worker initiated rejection or authorizing the case, additional steps will be required by the eligibility specialist to enter the delay code and create the new actions again.

Determine the cause of the delay using the following criteria.

Whenever FSD is out of compliance with the 30-day processing standard, and the EU is not at fault, take immediate corrective action.

NOTE: For applications or recertifications that become severely delayed due to the agency's fault for more than 12 months, the restoration of benefits is limited to a period of no more than 12 months prior to the date on which the agency is notified, or otherwise discovers that a loss to a household occurred. For cases that were improperly denied, terminated, or benefits were underissued due to an agency processing delay, is more than 60 days, but under one year, benefits are calculated back to the date of application.