IM-#89 November 5, 2012, IM-#68 September 3, 2008IM-#24 February 21, 2006IM-#192 October 23, 2001IM-#70 May 4, 2000

Eligibility units (EUs) determined to be categorically eligible do not have to meet:

Categorically eligible EUs must meet all other non-financial eligibility factors. However, categorically eligible individuals/EUs do not have to provide verification of:

Categorically eligible one or two person EUs are entitled to the minimum allotment regardless of income level. The initial month's benefits may be $0 due to proration. FAMIS rejects or closes categorically eligible EUs of three or more persons whose income exceeds the categorically eligible issuance table maximums.

Determine categorical eligibility, or potential categorical eligibility, at the time of application.

The following are categorically eligible for FS:

Each situation is discussed as follows.