1135.035.05 CE Household/Members Receive Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services

IM-#24 February 21, 2006IM-#192 October 23, 2001IM-# 5 January 7, 2000

Categorically eligible EUs are EUs in which:

For categorical eligibility purposes:

1135.035.05.05 CE Household Determination (Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services)

IM-#19 April 18, 2016, IM-#33 June 24, 2014, IM-#24 February 21, 2006IM-#192 October 23, 2001IM-# 5 January 7, 2000

Consider EUs containing ineligible immigrants, ineligible students, or a household member disqualified for non-compliance with work requirements, as categorically eligible if they meet the CE requirements.

Do not consider an EU categorically eligible if it includes a:

If any of the following criteria is questionable, obtain verification to establish categorical eligibility. The EU must:

The policy for categorical eligibility applies even if the EU members are in different Temporary Assistance, SSI, SAB, SP, or special support services assistance groups.

1135.035.05.10 CE Household Eligibility (Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services)

IM-#89 November 5, 2012, IM-#36 April 22, 2010IM-#24 February 21, 2006IM-#57 May 21, 2002IM-#192 October 23, 2001IM-#71 May 4, 2000

Categorically eligible EUs must meet the same eligibility requirements as all other EUs in the following non-financial areas:

Categorically eligible EUs are considered eligible without providing verification of the following eligibility factors:

Categorically eligible EUs have the same reporting requirements as non-categorically eligible EUs.

Categorically eligible EUs have different eligibility requirements in the following areas.

FAMIS will identify categorically eligible EU members on the Categorically Eligible (FMMK) screen. Valid reason codes include:

The Categorically Eligible (CATELIG/FMMK) screen appears in the controlled flow. It may also be accessed in maintenance mode to change an individual's categorical eligibility status or reason. The “CE (Y/N)” and “Effect Date” fields will be populated based on the information in the system.

EXAMPLE: Ms. A applies for Food Stamp benefits and receives Supplemental Security Income. When you flow to the Categorically Eligible (CATELIG/FMMK) screen the �CE (Y/N)� and �Effect Date� and �Reason� fields will already be populated with a Y, the month of application and reason code SSI.

The following two codes will not automatically populate at any time, the ES will need to determine eligibility for the following code reasons:

An EU member may have multiple reasons for categorical eligibility. FAMIS will only capture the primary reason. If any member receives special support services (CPS-Community Partnerships), be sure to use that reason code as this conveys categorical eligibility to the entire EU.

FAMIS reviews the Food Stamp categorical eligibility information when a Temporary Assistance or Child Care determination is run. When one CE reason code ends for the Food Stamp EU member, the system checks to see if there is another reason the member should be CE. If the system does not determine a new CE code, a reminder �CHECK CE CODE FOR FOOD STAMP ELIGIBILITY� is generated.

If all members of the EU are coded CE for any reason, the reminder will not be generated. If one or more members are not coded CE, the reminder is generated. To view reminders in FAMIS, type �ALREMIND� or �FM7M� on the command line and press enter. The Alert/Reminder (FM7M) screen displays. To filter for reminders type �R� in the Alert/Reminder (A/R) field and press enter. The reminders are displayed.

When this reminder is received, review the categorical eligibility information entered on the Categorically Eligible (CATELIG/FMMK) screen and update if necessary. To view categorical eligibility status, type �CATELIG� or �FMMK� on the command line and press enter. The categorical eligibility for all members of the EU is displayed.

If a change is made in the categorical eligibility information entered in the system, complete an eligibility determination by typing �EDRES� on the command line and pressing enter. Complete the authorization process.

Act on the change to the Food Stamp EU, including the change in categorical eligibility, if: