1135.035.20 Applications and Reapplications

IM-#24 February 21, 2006IM-219 December 17, 2001

Determine categorical eligibility, or potential categorical eligibility, at the time of application.

Screen food stamp applications made jointly with Temporary Assistance, SAB, or special support services for expedited services at the time of application. If the EU qualifies for expedited services, process the application using the expedited services procedures the same day the application is taken.

If the caseworker verifies on the date of application that the claimant is ineligible for food stamps because of an eligibility factor such as EU resources exceed the allowable maximum, leave the application in pending status. If the worker completes the controlled flow, FAMIS will reject the application based on excessive resources.

NOTE: An EU that is potentially categorically eligible cannot be denied for 30 days from the date of application.

Expedited services cannot be given since the food stamp EU is ineligible for benefits on the date of application. When the IM case is completed, process the food stamp case at the same time.

At the time the Temporary Assistance cash, SAB, or SSI is approved, re-evaluate the food stamp application for expedited services. Evaluate for the month of application.

If entitled to expedited services, issue expedited benefits within expedited time frames using the date the IM/SSI grant is approved as the date of discovery. Prorate benefits from the date IM benefits are payable (date of eligibility) or the date of the food stamp application, whichever is later.

For non-expedited cases where processing time frames have not changed, take action on the case as follows:

1135.035.25 Cancel Closing an SP Case

When a Supplemental Payments (SP) case is cancel closed, the claimant becomes categorically eligible for food stamps. Process a food stamp application under the procedures discussed in this section.