IM-#36 April 22, 2010IM-#78 August 17, 2006,  IM-#80 August 27, 2004,  IM-#14 January 23, 2003

EUs must report anticipated changes related to their Food Stamp eligibility and allotment level during the initial interview. At the application interview, discuss with the applicant changes that must be reported if the EU is approved for benefits.

Discuss with EUs the reporting requirements and how to determine when their income exceeds 130% of poverty. EUs need only to calculate their income for a calendar month to determine monthly income. They do not have to convert income using 2.166 or 4.333.

When changes occur after the interview, EUs are not required to report all changes once the application is approved. Reporting requirements for EUs are defined in sections 1140.005.00 Definition of Simplified Reporting and 1140.005.20 Changes Not Required to be Reported by Eligibility Unit.

EXAMPLE: An EU applies for Food Stamp benefits on May 2 and reports all EU circumstances. While the application is pending the head of the EU gets a new job, but this change is not required to be reported during the application. On May 21, the application is approved. As the EU is subject to simplified reporting, the new job is not required to be reported unless the income exceeds 130% of the poverty level for the EU size.

If a change is reported while the application is pending, enter the change into FAMIS. If verification is required, give the EU an FA-325 (Request for Information) allowing ten days to provide the required verification. It may be necessary to pend the application beyond the application due date because FAMIS must consider the reported change in the eligibility determination.

Refer to Categorically Eligible Households for handling Food Stamp applications when the IM application is approved.