IM-#22 April 9, 2014, IM-#39 April 5, 2013, IM-#142 December 2, 2005

For claims established before August 6, 2001, the head of the EU is responsible for the claim.

For claims established after August 6, 2001, the following individuals are responsible for the claim:

If an individual is established as a responsible member in error, the individual must be deleted from the claim.  Contact the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit at ColeFSPolicy@dss.mo.gov to have the individual deleted.

1142.045.00 DEMAND LETTERS

IM-#107 December 2, 2013, IM-#142 December 2, 2005

A CARS-3 demand letter is generated and sent to all EUs when a Food Stamp claim is entered. The day the letter is generated is the day the claim is established. The demand letter contains:

A repayment agreement is included with the demand letter.

When a demand letter for a Food Stamp claim is returned as undeliverable, check to see if there is a current address available.

WIU attempts to locate a current address for the EU and notifies the eligibility specialist. Re-mail the letter to the address provided by WIU.

Note:  After a Food Stamp CARS-3 is sent, collection procedures are initiated and continue regardless of the letter being returned as undeliverable.

Record a comment regarding whether contact was made with the EU and the address to which the demand letter was re-mailed on the Note Add (OVNA) screen.