IM-#16 February 05, 2013IM-#140 November 30, 2005IM-#94 July 29, 2002

Disqualifications follow a person from state to state. FNS provides each state with an electronic file, the Disqualified Recipient Subsystem (eDRS), of individuals found guilty of intentional program violations in other states. The records from the eDRS are added to the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen. Before imposing any remaining months of disqualification or pursuing another disqualification, Central Office staff verifies the individual is the correct person and the disqualification information is correct by contacting the state where the previous disqualification occurred. This is known as obtaining secondary verification.

Other states and central office will request secondary verification from local office staff when they find individuals in their state who were disqualified in Missouri. Provide the verification requested by the other state and/or central office within 10 working days.

Disqualifications from other states appear on the Sanction/Disqualification (FMAM) screen as disqualification type DRI. The state which initially imposed the disqualification is listed in the ST field. The disqualification is not actually imposed until the secondary verification (Scnd Ver) field is populated with code SVR by state office staff.

NOTE: The "U" (unverified) code in the Open/All/Unverified field is used only by state office staff to view out-of-state disqualifications that are unverified and not imposed. Field staff cannot view unverified disqualifications from another state. However, if while adding a disqualification the number of disqualifications displayed on the FMAM screen is higher than expected, contact the Food Stamp Program and Policy Unit at (573)751-3178 before proceeding. There may be unverified disqualifications stored in FAMIS requiring action.


IM-#140 November 30, 2005IM-#94 July 29, 2002

Retain indefinitely any records that substantiate either a pending disqualification or disqualifications that are being or have been served. File the documents such as signed disqualification consent agreements, court determinations, signed waivers waiving the right to an administrative disqualification hearing, and the notification of disqualification in the case record.

These documents may be needed to support the imposition of a pending disqualification, respond to inquiries from other states, or to support the determination of a second and third disqualification.