Food Stamps
- Table of Contents -

1100.000.00 Overview Of The Food Stamp Program
1100.005.00 Benefit Issuance
1100.005.05 Using Food Stamp Benefits
1100.007.00 Legal Basis
1100.010.00 Definitions
1100.015.00 Disclosure
1100.015.05 Information Available to the Public
1100.015.10 Confidentiality of the Food Stamp Case File
1102.000.00 Verification
1102.005.00 Sources of Verification
1102.005.02 Documentation of Verification
1102.005.05 Documentary Verification
1102.005.10 Reference Verification
1102.005.15 Worker's Judgment/EU's Statement
1102.005.20 Home Visit
1102.005.25 Inconsistent Information
1102.015.00 Verification Required at Initial Application
1102.015.05 Gross Income
1102.015.10 Immigrant Eligibility
1102.015.15 Medical Expenses
1102.015.20 Social Security Numbers
1102.015.25 Residency
1102.015.30 Identity
1102.015.35 Disability
1102.015.40 Legal Obligation and Actual Child Support Payments
1102.015.45 Number of Hours Worked by Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents
1102.015.50 Questionable Information
1102.015.55 Employment History (IMES)
1102.015.60 Eligibility Unit Composition
1102.020.00 Verification Required at Recertification
1102.025.00 Verification Required for Reported Changes
1105.000.00 Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements
1105.005.00 Residency
1105.010.00 Citizenship and Immigrant Status
1105.010.02 United States Non-Citizen Nationals
1105.010.03 Cross-Border Native Americans
1105.010.04 Hmong, Laotian Highlanders
1105.010.05 Qualified Immigrants
1105.010.10 Eligible Immigrants
1105.010.10.05 Immigrants Who Have Resided in the US with a Qualified Status for Five Years
1105.010.10.07 Immigrant Children
1105.010.10.10 Disabled Immigrants
1105.010.10.15 Refugees, Amerasians, Asylees, Cuban/Haitian Entrants, and Deportees
1105.010.10.20 Immigrants with a Military Connection
1105.010.10.25 Immigrants with 40 Qualifying WORK QUARTERS Under SSA
1105. Qualifying Quarters
1105. Guidelines for Deeming Quarters
1105. Verification of 40 Quarters
1105. Subtraction from Work Quarters for Receipt of Assistance Under a Federal Means-Tested Program
1105.010.10.30 Immigrants Eligible Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
1105.010.10.35 Lawful Permanent Residents, Parolees, Granted Conditional Entry, and Battered Immigrants
1105.010.10.40 Immigrants from Micronesia and Marshall Islands
1105.010.10.45 Temporary Status
1105.010.10.50 Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants
1105.010.12 Verifying Immigrant Status
1105.010.15 Approval Pending Receipt of Immigrant Documentation
1105.010.15.05 Pending Receipt of US Citizen or US National Documentation
1105.010.15.10 Immigrant Status Cannot Be Determined
1105.010.15.15 Non-USCIS Documentation
1105.010.17 Reporting Illegal Immigrants
1105.010.20 Sponsored Immigrants
1105.010.20.05 Definition of Sponsor
1105.010.20.10 Sponsor Liability
1105.010.20.15 Sponsor Deeming
1105.010.20.20 Exemptions to Deeming
1105.010.20.25 Deeming of Sponsor's Income
1105.010.20.30 Deeming of Sponsor's Resources
1105.010.20.35 Responsibility
1105.010.20.40 Verification of Sponsor
1105.015.00 Eligibility Unit Determination
1105.015.04 Eligibility Unit Members
1105.015.04.05 Individuals
1105.015.04.10 Eligibility Unit Groups
1105.015.04.15 Mandatory Eligibility Unit Groups
1105.015.04.20 Joint Custody Situations
1105.015.04.25 Foster Care Individuals
1105.015.04.30 Separate Eligibility Units
1105.015.05 Non-EU Members
1105.015.05.05 Commercial Boarding Houses
1105.015.05.10 Institutions
1105.015.05.15 Roomers and Boarders
1105.015.05.20 Foster Care Individuals
1105.015.05.25 Elderly Persons Unable to Purchase/Prepare Food
1105.015.05.30 Live-In Attendants and Other Non-EU Members
1105.015.10 Eligibility Unit Members with an Included (IC) EU Member Role
1105.015.10.05 Ineligible Immigrants
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Ineligible Immigrants
1105.015.10.10 Disqualified for Failure to Provide/Decline to Declare SSN
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Failure to Provide/Decline to Declare SSN
1105.015.10.15 Disqualified for Intentional Program Violations
1105. Eligibility Determination for Intentional Program Violations
1105.015.10.20 Eligibility Determinations for Failure to Comply with Work Requirement Components: Job Quit, Reduced Work Hours, or Refusal of an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105. Disqualified for Failure to Comply with Work Registration Components: Job Quit, Reduced Work Hours, or Refusal of an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105.015.10.25 Failure to Meet the 18 through 49 Year Old (ABAWD) Work Requirement
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Failure to Meet the 18 through 49 Year Old (ABAWD) Work Requirement
1105.015.10.30 Ineligible Students
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Ineligible Students
1105.015.10.35 Disqualified for Felony Drug Conviction
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Felony Drug Conviction
1105. Exceptions to Felony Drug Conviction Disqualification
1105.015.10.40 Disqualified for Probation/Parole Violation
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Probation/Parole Violation
1105.015.10.45 Disqualified for Fleeing Felon
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Fleeing Felons
1105.015.10.50 Disqualified for Trafficking Food Stamps
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Trafficking
1105.015.10.55 Disqualified for Trading Food Stamp Benefits for Guns, Ammunitions, or Explosives
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Trading Food Stamp Benefits for Guns, Ammunitions, or Explosives
1105.015.10.60 Disqualified for Trading Food Stamp Benefits for Drugs
1105. Eligibility Determinations for Trading Food Stamp Benefits for Drugs
1105.015.15 Duplicate Participation
1105.020.00 Identity
1105.025.00 Work Requirements
1105.025.05 Work Requirement Assessment
1105.025.05.05 EU Members Exempt from Work Registration
1105.025.05.10 Work Registration
1105.025.05.15 EU Members Excluded from Work Registration
1105.025.05.20 Missouri Employment and Training Program (METP)
1105. EU Members Volunteer
1105.025.05.25 Voluntary Job Quit
1105.025.05.30 Work Effort Reduction
1105.025.05.35 Refused an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105.025.07 Exempt EU Members Volunteering for METP Participation
1105.025.10 Sanctions for Job Quit, Reduced Work Hours or Refusal of an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105.025.10.05 Determining Good Cause for Job Quit, Reduced Work Hours or Refusal of an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105.025.10.10 Resolving Noncompliance with Work Requirements
1105.025.10.15 Reapplication after Sanctioning for Job Quit, Reduced Hours Worked or Refusal to Accept an Offer of Suitable Employment
1105.025.12 DWD Determines Individual May Meet a Work Registration Exemption or Exclusion
1105.025.15 METP Components
1105.025.20 Changes in Work Registration Status
1105.025.25 Monthly Allowance
1105.025.30 Work Registration Noncompliance
1105.025.30.10 Refuses, Without Good Cause, to Participate in an Employment and Training Program
1105.025.30.15 Refuses, Without Good Cause, to accept an Offer of Employment, Provided the Offer of Employment Meets the Suitability Criteria
1105.025.30.20 Refuses, Without Good Cause, to Provide Sufficient Information to Allow a Determination of His/her Employment Status or Job Availability
1105.025.30.25 Fails to Comply with Temporary Assistance Work Requirements or Unemployment Compensation Requirements
1105.025.30.30 Voluntary Job Quit
1105.025.30.35 Work Effort Reduction
1105.025.35.05 Good Cause for Voluntary Job Quit or Work Effort Reduction
1105.025.40 Work Registration -- Suitable Employment
1105.025.45 Job Quit/Work Reduction Conciliation Period
1105.025.45.05 Non-Compliance Determined by Worker
1105.025.50 Resolving Noncompliance with Work Registration
1105.025.50.05 Exemption or Exclusion from Work Registration
1105.025.50.10 Registering for Work
1105.025.50.15 Participating in an Employment and Training Program
1105.025.50.20 Providing Sufficient Information to Determine Employment Status or Job Availability
1105.025.50.25 Complying with Temporary Assistance Case Management or Unemployment Compensation Requirements
1105.025.50.30 Going to Work
1105.025.50.35 Increasing the Number of Hours Worked
1105.025.55 Work Registration Noncompliance Sanctions
1105.025.60 Applying Voluntary Quit Decision
1105.025.65 Claims Due to Voluntary Job Quit
1105.025.70 Work Registration for Strikers
1105.025.75 Reapplication After Sanctioning for Work Registration
1105.030.00 Overlapping Disqualification
1105.032.00 Notices
1105.035.00 Work Requirement for 18 through 49 Year Olds
1105.035.05 Counties Waived and Exempted from 18 through 49 Year Old Work Requirement
1105.035.15 Exemptions to Able Bodied Adults without Dependants Training/Work Requirement and Verification
1105.035.20 ABAWD Training/Work Requirements
1105.035.25 Definition of Work and Training
1105.035.30 Evaluating Months for 18 through 49 Year Old Training/Work Requirement
1105.035.35 Identifying and Tracking Non-Work months
1105.035.40 Regaining Food Stamp Eligibility
1105.035.45 After Regaining Eligibility
1105.035.50 Notices
1105.037.00 Notices
1105.040.00 Social Security Numbers
1105.040.05 Providing and Verifying SSNs
1105.040.10 Obsolete by IM-#11 March 18, 2014
1105.040.10.05 Determining Good Cause
1105.040.10.10 Action Taken - Good Cause Determination
1105.040.10.15 No Good Cause and Ending SSN Disqualification
1105.097.00 Appendix A - Verification of Immigration Status
1105.098.00 Appendix B - Guide for 40 Quarter Immigrant Eligibility Determination
1105.098.05 Overview
1105.098.10 Consent for Release of Information
1105.098.15 Making the Determination
1105.098.20.00 Reconciliation - Covered Earnings
1105.098.20.10 Noncovered Employment
1105.098.20.15 Evidence to Credit Qualifying Quarters
1105.098.20.20 SSA Earnings Chart
1105.099.00 Appendix C-Guide to Immigrant Eligibility
1110.000.00 Resources
1110.005.00 Maximum Resources Allowed
1110.010.00 Persons Whose Resources are to be Considered
1110.015.00 Jointly-Owned Resources
1110.020.00 Excluded Resources
1110.020.05 Home
1110.020.10 Vehicles
1110.020.15 Burial Plots
1110.020.16 Life Insurance
1110.020.17 Prepaid Burials
1110.020.20 Real and Personal Property
1110.020.25 Business Property
1110.020.30 Governmental Payments
1110.020.35 Indian and Alaskan Native Payments
1110.020.40 Pension and Savings Plans
1110.020.42 Contracts and Notes
1110.020.45 Trusts and Inaccessible Resources
1110.020.50 Averaged Income as an Excluded Resource
1110.020.55 Legal Restrictions
1110.025.00 Non-Exempt Resources
1110.030.00 Lump Sum Payments
1110.035.00 Transfer of Resources
1110.035.05 Transfers Not Affecting Eligibility
1110.035.10 Period of Disqualification
1115.000.00 Income
1115.005.00 Earned Income
1115.010.00 Unearned Income
1115.015.00 Income Exclusions
1115.015.05 Income in Kind
1115.015.10 Vendor Payments
1115.015.15 Compensation in Lieu of Wages
1115.015.20 Irregular Income
1115.015.25 Loans
1115.015.30 Reimbursements
1115.015.35 Representative Payee Payments
1115.015.40 Earnings of Children
1115.015.45 Disaster Payments
1115.015.50 Domestic Volunteer Service Act (DVSA) - not AmeriCorps or VISTA
1115.015.55 Work Study/Educational Income
1115.015.60 Non-recurring Payments
1115.015.65 Relocation Assistance
1115.015.70 Indian or Alaskan Native Payments
1115.015.75 WIA Income
1115.015.80 Recoupment Payments
1115.015.85 Military Payments
1115.015.90 Other Excluded Income
1115.020.00 Determining Income
1115.020.05 Projecting Income
1115.020.05.05 Actual Income
1115.020.10 Income Only in Month Received
1115.020.15 Advances on Wages
1115.020.20 Military Pay Date
1115.025.00 Income Averaging
1115.030.00 Converting to Monthly Income
1115.035.00 Income Deductions
1115.035.01 Disallowed Expenses
1115.035.02 Averaging Expenses
1115.035.03 Converting Deductions to Monthly Amounts
1115.035.05 Earned and Standard Income Deductions
1115.035.10 Dependent Care
1115.035.10.05 Ineligible EU Member Paying Dependent Care
1115.035.10.10 Disqualified EU Members Paying Dependent Care Expense
1115.035.10.15 Income Excluded for EU Member Paying Dependent Care
1115.035.10.20 Ineligible Student or Duplicate Participant Paying Dependent Care
1115.035.15 Excess Medical Deduction
1115.035.15.05 Amount of Medical Deduction
1115.035.15.10 Types of Medical Cost Allowed
1115.035.15.15 Third Party Liability (TPL)
1115.035.15.16 Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Account
1115.035.15.20 Payment Plans
1115.035.15.25 Budgeting Guide
1115.035.20 Child Support Deduction
1115.035.20.05 Ineligible EU Members Paying Court Ordered Child Support
1115.035.20.10 Disqualified EU Members Paying Court Ordered Child Support
1115.035.20.15 Income Excluded for EU Member Paying Court Ordered Child Support
1115.035.20.20 Ineligible Student or Duplicate Participant Paying Court Ordered Child Support
1115.035.25 Excess Shelter Cost
1115.035.25.05 Allowable Shelter Costs
1115.035.25.06 Vacated Home
1115.035.25.15 Mandatory Utility Standards
1115.035.25.20 Utility Decision Period
1115.035.25.25 Special Situations
1115.035.25.35 Shelter Costs of a Vacated Home
1115.035.25.40 Homeless Utility Expense
1115.035.30 Calculating Income Deductions
1115.035.30.05 Averaging Expenses
1115.035.30.10 Anticipating Expenses
1115.035.30.15 Disallowed Expenses
1115.035.30.20 Deduction Conversion to Monthly Amount
1115.035.35 Net Income and Benefit Level Calculation
1115.040.00 Self-Employment Income
1115.040.01 Partnerships, S Corporations, and Corporations
1115.040.05 Income to Self-Employed Households
1115.040.10 Losses from Self-Employment Income
1115.040.15 Computing Annualizing Self-Employment Income
1115.040.20 Anticipating Current Year's Expenses
1115.040.25 Expenses of Producing Self-Employment Income
1115.040.30 Non-Expenses of Producing Self-Employment Income
1115.045.00 Investment Property Income
1115.050.00 Farm Worker Employment Income
1115.050.05 Destitute Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker Household
1115.050.05.05 Definition of Destitute
1115.050.05.10 Budgeting Procedure for Destitute Household
1115.055.00 Student Income
1115.055.05 Student Quits School
1115.055.10 Student Income Expenses
1115.060.00 Income of Contractual Employee
1115.065.00 Income from Boarders
1115.070.00 Income and Expenses from Disqualified/Ineligible Members for Failure to Obtain or Provide a SSN; Immigration Status; Not Meeting the 18 to 50 Year Old Work Requirement, or Comparable Disqualification
1115.071.00 Income and Expenses From Disqualified/Ineligible Members for Intentional Program Violation, Work Registration/METP Sanction, Fleeing Felon, Probation or Parole Violator, or Drug Felony Conviction
1115.075.00 Non-Household Members
1115.080.00 Prohibition in Increasing Food Stamp Benefits
1115.085.00 Income Maintenance Grants
1115.090.00 Very Low Food Stamp Income
1115.095.00 Income Eligibility Limits
1115.095.05 EUs Subject to 100% of Federal Income Poverty (Net Income) Guidelines Only
1115.095.10 EUs Subject to Both 130% (Gross Income) and 100% (Net Income) of Federal Income Poverty Guideline
1115.095.15 Categorically Eligible EUs
1115.099.00 Maximum Allowable Monthly Income Limits and Allotment Levels
1120.000.00 Application Process
1120.005.00 Availability of Applications
1120.005.05 Food Stamp Program Explanation
1120.005.10 Explanation of Rights and Responsibilities
1120.010.00 Applications Mailed to the Office
1120.011.00 Online Applications - obsolete
1120.012.00 Filing an Application Outside County of Residence
1120.013.00 Location of Food Stamp Case Records
1120.015.00 Expedited Service Applications
1120.020.00 Date the Application is Filed
1120.025.00 Signing the Application
1120.025.05 Authorized Representative
1120.025.10 Disqualified Authorized Representative
1120.030.00 Period Of Application
1120.035.00 Applications More than 60 Days Prior to Last ATP
1120.045.00 Interviews
1120.045.05 Postponed Interview
1120.045.10 Applicant Cannot Stay For Interview
1120.045.15 Waiver of the Office Interview
1120.045.20 Telephone Interviews
1120.045.25 Home Visit Interviews
1120.045.30 Scheduled Interviews
1120.045.35 Joint IM and FS Application Interview
1125.000.00 Expedited Service
1125.005.00 Screening Procedures for Expedited Services
1125.010.00 Expedited Service Criteria
1125.010.05 Income, Resources, and Shelter Costs
1125.010.10 Destitute Migrant/Seasonal Farm Worker EUs
1125.015.00 Changes Reported on a Pending Application/Date of Discovery
1125.017.00 Mail-In or Faxed Applications
1125.020.00 Time Frames for Processing Expedited Services
1125.020.05 Initial Applications
1125.020.10 Second Month Screenings
1125.020.15 Expedited Eligibility Discovered after Application
1125.020.20 Expedited Eligibility Due to Reported Change
1125.025.00 Steps to Process Expedited Eligible Applications
1125.030.00 Postponed Verification
1125.035.00 Expedited Certification Periods
1130.000.00 Certification Procedures
1130.005.00 Processing Time Frames
1130.010.00 Proration
1130.015.00 Recertifications
1130.015.05 Timely Recertifications
1130.015.10 Non-Timely Recertifications
1130.015.15 Processing Recertifications
1130.020.00 Anticipated Changes at Time of Application
1130.025.00 Delays in Processing
1130.027.00 EU Provides Requested Verification/Takes Required Action After Rejection
1130.030.00 Certification Periods
1130.030.10 EUs in which All Adult Members are Elderly or disabled
1130.030.20 Notice of Expiration
1130.035.00 Basis of Issuance and Determining Benefit Levels
1130.035.05 Categorically Eligible EUs
1130.035.10 Elderly and Disabled and Other EUs
1130.040.00 Notices
1130.045.00 Voluntary Withdrawal of Application
1130.099.00 Appendix A
1135.000.00 Special Application Procedures
1135.005.00 Special Meal Programs
1135.005.05 Delivered Meal Service
1135.005.10 Communal Dining
1135.005.15 Residents of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers
1135.005.15.05 Eligibility Determination
1135.005.15.10 Center Responsibilities When Resident Leaves
1135.005.15.15 Responsibility for Reporting Changes
1135.005.15.20 FSD Review
1135.005.15.25 Participation/Disqualification of Treatment Center
1135.005.20 Individual Residing Outside Treatment Center
1135.005.25 Group Living Arrangement
1135.005.25.05 Eligibility Determination
1135.005.25.10 Household Leaves Facility
1135.005.25.15 Responsibility for Reporting Changes
1135.005.25.20 FSD Review
1135.005.25.25 Disqualification of Group Living Arrangements
1135.005.30 Homeless Meal Providers
1135.005.35 Shelters For Battered Women And Children
1135.005.35.05 Eligibility Requirements
1135.005.35.10 Eligibility Determination
1135.005.35.15 Changes in Circumstances
1135.005.35.20 Benefit Issuance and Use
1135.010.00 Application By Strikers
1135.010.05 Eligibility Guidelines for All Striker Households
1135.010.07 FAMIS Procedures
1135.010.07.05 Determining Pre-Strike Eligibility
1135.010.10 Changes Reported by Eligible Striker Eligibility Unit
1135.020.00 SSI/Food Stamp Joint Application Processing
1135.020.05 Filing an Application
1135.020.10 SSA Food Stamp Application Process
1135.020.15 Work Registration Requirements
1135.020.20 Certification Periods
1135.020.25 Changes in Circumstances
1135.020.30 Recertification
1135.025.00 Students in Institutions of Higher Education
1135.025.05 Work Registration Exemption
1135.025.10 Eligibility Determination
1135.035.00 Categorical Eligibility (CE)
1135.035.05 CE Household/Members Receive Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services
1135.035.05.05 CE Household Determination (Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services)
1135.035.05.10 CE Household Eligibility (Temporary Assistance/SSI/SAB/SP/Special Support Services)
1135.035.20 Applications and Reapplications
1135.035.25 Cancel Closing an SP Case
1135.035.30 CE for Individual Household Members
1140.000.00 Simplified Reporting
1140.005.00 Changes not Required to be Reported by Eligibility Unit
1140.005.05 Change Reported Timely
1140.005.10 Time Frame for Acting on Changes
1140.005.15 Change Processing for Applicant Eligibility Units
1140.005.20 Increased Benefits
1140.005.25 Significant Changes
1140.005.30 Decreased Allotment or Closing
1140.005.35 Mass Adjustments
1140.005.40 Changes to Income
1140.005.45 Reduction in the Number of Hours Worked by an ABAWD EU Member
1140.005.50 Address Changes
1140.005.55 Changes in EU's Income Maintenance Grant
1140.005.60 Changes Considered Verified Upon Receipt for EU
1140.005.65 Voluntary Closing Requested by EU
1140.005.70 Head of Household Leaves the Home/Dies
1140.010.00 Change Notices
1140.010.05 Exemptions to Notice of Adverse Action
1140.010.10 Advance Notice of Adverse Action
1140.020.00 Mid-certification Reviews
1140.020.05 Mid-certification Review for FS Only Cases
1140.020.10 Mid-certification Review FS/IM Combination Cases
1140.020.15 Mid-certification Review Recording
1140.020.20 Time Frame for Acting on Changes Reported for Mid-Certification Reviews
1140.030.00 Quality Control Review Noncompliance
1140.030.05 Sanction of EU for Refusal to Cooperate with a QC Review
1140.030.10 Curing a QC Sanction
1142.000.00 Food Stamp Claims Determinations
1142.005.00 Legal Base
1142.010.00 Claims Process
1142.015.00 Types of Claims
1142.015.05 Administrative Error
1142.015.10 Inadvertent Household Error
1142.015.10.05 Suspected Program Violation
1142.015.15 Intentional Program Violation
1142.015.15.05 Trafficking
1142.020.00 Claims Referral Procedures and Determination of Date of Discovery
1142.025.00 Processing Time/Monitoring
1142.030.00 Establishing Claims
1142.035.00 Computing the Amount of the Claim
1142.035.05 Overpayment Period
1142.035.10 Determining the Amount of the Claim
1142.035.10.05 Determining the Amount of the Claim for Simplified Reporting EUs
1142.035.10.10 Changes Reported by Eligible Striker Eligibility Unit
1142.040.00 Responsible Members
1142.045.00 Demand Letters
1142.050.00 Claims Hearings
1142.055.00 Collection Procedures
1142.055.05 Compromising Claims
1142.055.10 Repayment Agreement
1142.055.15 Methods of Repayment
1142.055.15.05 Cash
1142.055.15.10 EBT Voluntary Repayment
1142.055.15.15 Offset
1142.055.15.20 Automated Recoupment of Food Stamp Benefits
1142.055.15.25 Treasury Offset Program
1142.055.15.30 Expunged Food Stamp Benefits
1142.057.00 Reducing or Increasing the Amount of an Established Claim
1142.060.00 Terminating a Claim
1142.065.00 Closing a Claim
1142.070.00 Reinstating a Closed or Terminated Claim
1142.075.00 Bankruptcy
1142.080.00 Overpaid Claims
1142.085.00 Deferred Adjudication
1142.090.00 Interstate Claims
1142.095.00 Retention of Records
1145.000.00 Disqualification For Intentional Program Violation
1145.005.00 Referral for Investigation-WIU
1145.010.00 Disqualification Process
1145.010.05 WIU Returns Claim/Referral Without Investigating
1145.010.10 WIU Recommends Administrative Disqualification
1145.010.15 Food Stamp Program Participation While Awaiting a Hearing
1145.010.20 Administrative Disqualification Hearing Scheduled
1145.010.20.05 WIU Returns Claim/Referral Without Investigating
1145.010.20.10 FSD/WIU Agree to ADH - Waiver Not Offered
1145.010.20.15 IM-161 Waiver Offered - Not Accepted
1145.010.20.20 IM-161 Waiver Offered - Accepted
1145.010.20.25 IM-161 Waiver Offered - Accepted and Withdrawn
1145.010.25 Administrative Disqualification Hearing Procedure
1145.010.25.05 Scheduling the ADH
1145.010.25.10 Conducting the ADH
1145.010.25.15 Good Cause for Failure to Appear
1145.010.25.20 Hearing Decision
1145.015.00 Disqualification Penalties
1145.015.05 Timely Disqualifications
1145.015.10 Nontimely Disqualifications
1145.020.00 Procedures to Impose The Disqualification Penalty
1145.025.00 Changing the Disqualification
1145.030.00 Expiration of Disqualification Penalty Period
1145.035.00 Criminal or Civil Court Decisions
1145.040.00 Disqualification from Other States
1145.045.00 Retention of Disqualification Records
1145.050.00 Special Procedures
1145.055.00 Investigation/Disqualification Forms
1145.055.05 FSD/WIU Investigation Tracking Sheet
1145.055.10 Advance Notice of Your Administrative Disqualification Hearing (IM-160)
1145.055.15 Waiver of Administrative Disqualification Hearing and Consent to Disqualification (IM-161)
1145.055.20 Withdrawal of Waiver of Administrative Disqualification Hearing Consent Agreement (IM-161A)
1145.055.25 FAMIS Notices
1150.000.00 Replacement Issuances
1150.005.00 Food Stamp Benefits Lost from an EBT Account
1150.010.00 Food Purchased With Food Stamp Benefits Lost in an EU Misfortune
1160.000.00 Disaster Food Stamp Program