0870.040.00 Former Foster Care Youth

IM-100, August 07, 2017

RSMo 208.151.1 effective August 28, 2013, allows certain individuals under the age of 26 who were in foster care to be eligible for healthcare coverage through the Children's Division (CD).

To qualify, a person must:

If the applicant is eligible for MO HealthNet through FSD and they are currently receiving former foster care youth coverage (ME 38) through the Children's Division, do not reject the application due to active ME 38. Send an email, with a subject line of AC ME 38 - NEEDS TO BE CLOSED to Cole.MHNPolicy@dss.mo.gov. Include:

If a former foster care individual has been determined ineligible for a MO HealthNet for Aged, Blind, and Disabled program through FSD, the Eligibility Specialist (ES) will send an email to Cole.MHNPolicy@dss.mo.gov so that the individual may be referred to the CD for coverage as eligibility for the Former Foster Care Youth program may exist. 

Individuals who qualify for former foster care youth coverage may also contact the MO HealthNet open enrollment broker by telephone at 800-348-6627, or Children's Division at http://dss.mo.gov/cd/ or by telephone at 573-522-8024.