This memo discusses Managed Reporting using the Intranet on-line reporting system. The implementation of the new version of FAMIS will include changes and additions to Managed Reporting.  There will be no change in how to access the Managed Reporting page. Please review EMAIL-IM-62 dated June 23, 2000 for this information. 


On-line reports will replace most of the Food Stamps paper reports received currently. For a period of time, during the conversion of the Food Stamp cases, counties will have both the paper reports from the legacy system and the on-line reports from FAMIS.   One new Child Care report, Caseload Report, will be available August 1, 2002. Other new Child Care reports will be available September 1, 2002.  These reports will be based upon Child Care data put in the FAMIS system during the previous month.  All reports on-line will be available on the first day of a month for the previous month with the ability to view a history of these reports for up to 36 months. 

Access to each on-line report is based upon the person signed on: base location of the person, security access, and the caseload or supervisory unit assignment. For example, the front line supervisors in one DFS office will be able to view reports regarding the caseworkers they directly supervise. They will not be able to view reports for caseworkers in another DFS office or in the same DFS office that they do not directly supervise. Please review IM Memorandum IM-003 dated 01-03-2002 FAMIS On-Line Reports--Preparation for Food Stamp Implementation for information regarding security access issues.


Once inside the Reporting System, the Domains selection page displays the domains you are able to view. Every user will have the FAMIS Child Care Provider Reports domain and at least one other domain. The FAMIS Child Care Provider Reports domain has specific reports about registered Child Care providers. Other domains have specific lists of Child Care and Food Stamp reports based upon job function and reporting need. To view the list of reports for a domain, click on the domain name. 


After selecting a domain, menu selections for FAMIS reports display. The menu lists all the reports available to you. To view a specific report, either click on the report name at the top of the screen or scroll down to the report on the bottom of the screen. Click the view button to the right of the name of the report in the bottom area of the screen. 

Take a few moments to review the Index of Online Help available online by clicking the Domain Info Button located on the right hand side of the Report Menu Screen.  The index lists the help available for different reports as well as some general help that may help you with navigation and report details. Do not use the Help function at the top of the screen.  It provides Help for the FOCUS Software, not for the FAMIS reports.


Caseload reports for Child Care data will be available for viewing on 08-01-2002 based upon July data. Currency and Production reports that have Child Care data will be available for viewing on 09-01-2002 based upon August data. There will be no history of Child Care reports prior to August, 2002 for the production and currency reports. Any Child Care application put in the FAMIS system prior to 7-22-2002 may still require manual tracking of currency and production. It will be necessary to use both the manual tracking system and the new FAMIS reports together for these applications in order to have complete and accurate currency and production statistics. 

FS reports will have data for viewing the first day of the next month after the first FAMIS Food Stamp Eligibility Unit is converted, approved, or transferred to your DFS office. There will be no history of Food Stamp reports prior to that time for your specific DFS office. During the conversion process, paper reports will continue to be generated on Food Stamp cases in the legacy system as well as the online reports.  If you attempt to view a report prior to data being available, you will receive a screen which states "No HTML Output" or a pop-up message stating the report is not yet available.

  • Access Child Care reports on-line effective 09-01-2002 using the Managed Reporting area on the Intranet.
  • Access Food Stamp reports on-line the first of the next month after FAMIS Food Stamp conversion in your DFS office or approval of a Food Stamp eligibility unit in FAMIS in your DFS office or a FAMIS Food Stamp Eligibility Unit is transferred to your DFS office.
  • Contact FAMIS Help Desk (1-800-MOFAMIS or 1-800-663-2647) to report problems or ask questions.
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