IM-#104 December 1, 2015, IM-#23 April 2, 2010

13 CSR 40-2.350 was amended with Senate Bill 24 from 2015 and provides the basis of the lifetime limit of forty-five (45) months of receipt of Temporary Assistance (TA).

Cash assistance provided through the TA program is time limited. TA is not provided to a family that includes an adult who has received assistance for more than forty-five (45) months. In Missouri, the forty-five (45) month lifetime limit for receiving TA began January 1, 2016.  Prior to this change, the lifetime limit for receiving TA was sixty (60) months beginning July 1, 1997

The forty-five (45) month limit for receiving TA is calculated as a cumulative total of forty-five (45) months, whether or not consecutive. Any month in which an adult receives assistance counts toward their forty-five (45) month time limit except for exemptions in Section 0205.075.10. Families receiving assistance should be informed of the impact of receiving any amount of TA by the following methods:

NOTE: The Temporary Assistance 45-month lifetime limit does not impact eligibility for any other programs offered through the Family Support Division such as MO HealthNet, Food Stamps, or Child Care.

0205.075.00.05 Tracking the Forty-five (45) Month Lifetime Limit

IM-#104 December 1, 2015, IM-#23 April 2, 2010

The time limit is related to Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding, therefore receipt of cash benefits must be tracked across state lines. If an applicant is coming from another state it is necessary to contact that state to determine when their forty-five (45) month time limit began for receipt of TANF, and the number of months the applicant received TANF funded assistance from the other state. This information must be entered by a Supervisor on the Time Limit Tracking (TIMETRAK/FM6H) screen in FAMIS. Enter comments on the Time Limit Tracking (TIMETRAK/FM6H) screen indicating the source of verification including the agency name, person that verified the information, telephone number, and any other information pertinent to the participant.

NOTE: In Missouri TANF is called Temporary Assistance (TA).

In some situations, cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance program is exempted from the lifetime limit. Exemptions affecting the forty-five (45) month limit are listed in Section 0205.075.10.

The Time Limit Tracking (TIMETRAK/FM6H) screen in FAMIS tracks the forty-five (45) month lifetime limit. There is no need for staff to manually track the months a participant receives TA in Missouri.

0205.075.05 Requirements for Closing Due to the Forty-five (45) Month Lifetime Limit

IM-#104 December 1, 2015, IM-#24 April 22, 2011, IM-#23 April 2, 2010

FAMIS closes Temporary Assistance (TA) cases once the 45-month lifetime limit is reached unless a valid exemption or extension reason is entered on the TA Work Requirement (COMPACT/FM8B) screen.  The closing process begins on the first day of the 45th month TA has been received.

In order for FAMIS to close the Temporary Assistance (TA) case due to the 45-month lifetime limit, the following must occur:

Refer to section 0205.075.20 Evaluation Process for the Forty-five (45) Month Lifetime Limit for additional information.