According to 13 CSR 70-10.015, Prospective Reimbursement Plan for Nursing Facility Services, subsection (10)(A), nursing facilities are required to submit the Title XIX (Medicaid) Cost Report for Nursing Facilities on an annual basis on forms provided by the MO HealthNet Division (MHD).

Beginning with cost report periods ending on or after the month of December 2017, MHD requires the cost reports be submitted electronically on the new cost report form and submitted via email to

According to regulation, the cost report is due by the first day of the sixth month following the close of the nursing facility's fiscal period. MHD will notify providers near the end of their cost report fiscal year when their cost reports are due.

If you have any questions regarding the cost report or the MO HealthNet nursing facility program, you may contact the Nursing Facility Policy & Reimbursement Manager of the Institutional Reimbursement Unit at the email noted above or at (573) 751-5663.

Cost Report Documents