Your incorporated agency may explore residential child care agency licensure by reviewing:

The following forms used in the application process may be found on the Children’s Division E-Forms page

  • Application (RPU-8);
  • Operating Sites (RPU-8E);
  • Checklist (RPU-8C);
  • Personnel Form (RPU-10);
  • Medical Examination Report for Child Care Provider/Staff (RPU-10C);
  • Civil Rights Agreement (RPU-32); and
  • Self Study (RPU-15).

All the documentation described in the checklist is to be sent to the Residential Program Unit, PO Box 88, Jefferson City, MO 65103 in duplicate with the completed forms.  The Residential Program Unit then makes all necessary operating site inspection referrals.

If your incorporated agency is accredited pursuant to 210.112.8 RSMo Section 210-112 Children's services providers and agencies and 13 CSR 35-50.010, as a residential treatment agency for children and youth accredited by one of three (3) accrediting bodies, Council on Accreditation of Services for Children and Families, Inc., the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, such accreditation is prima facie evidence for residential child care agency licensure.  You will need to submit to the Residential Program Unit at the above address in duplicate a copy of your incorporation’s official final accreditation report and accreditation certificate.  Instead of all the forms listed above, your incorporation would submit an application (RPU-8) and Operating Sites (RPU-8E).  The Residential Program Unit makes all fire and safety inspection referrals. Unless otherwise specified by your incorporation, the Residential Program Unit makes all other necessary operating site inspection referrals.