0905.010.35 Assignment Of Medical Support (MAF)

Section 208.215 11 RSMo makes the assignment of medical support effective with the application and acceptance of Medicaid or MC+. This means caretakers automatically assign their rights to medical support to the state. Explain this automatic assignment to MAF and MC+ caretakers.

0905.010.40  Cooperation In Pursuit Of Medical Support (MAF)

IM-#104, December 20, 2012, IM-#6 January 11, 2000

The caretaker is required to cooperate with the Family Support Division-Child Support (FSD-CS) in the pursuit of medical support.  (Note: They do not have to cooperate in the collection of child support payments.)

Inform the caretaker of the requirement of cooperation and the right to claim good cause for refusal to cooperate. If FSD-CS notifies the eligibility specialist the claimant has failed to cooperate, determine if the claimant had "good cause" for failing to cooperate. Refer to 0205.060.20 - 0205.060.30.05 for this determination. If good cause is not established, sanction the caretaker for failure to cooperate in obtaining medical support by ending their coverage. The children are not sanctioned.

0905.010.40.05  Referral To DCSE (MAF)

IM-#104, December 20, 2012, IM-#205 November 29, 2001

Refer to FSD-CS MAF cases in which a child is deprived of parental support due to the continued absence of the child's parent from the home. This policy also applies to MHF/MHK cases except for the following cases:

The MHF/MHK application form (IM -1UA) includes pertinent absent parent information.  The client has met initial cooperation requirements if they provide the information requested on the IM - 1UA.

A CS-201 must be completed, but is not required prior to approval.  Do not hold an application pending completion of the CS-201.  If the applicant is unavailable to sign the CS-201 (mail-in application), the CS-201 may be mailed to the applicant or completed by the caseworker during a telephone call.

If the CS-201 is completed by telephone call, a signature is not required.  Make a notation in the signature section the information was obtained by telephone, along with the date of the call, and send to FSD-CS.

If not completed by telephone or in person, a CS-201 should be mailed to the applicant with a self-addressed envelope.  Include a Request for Information (IM-31A) notice allowing 10 days to return the completed CS-201.

If the CS-201 is not received by the date of approval, send another Request for Information (IM-31A) notice advising the applicant they have 10 days to provide the completed CS-201.  If the CS-201 is not received during this 10-day period, initiate adverse action to sanction the caretaker on the Sanction/Disqualification Screen (FMAM/SANDISQ) Type (NCM) non-cooperation with medical support.  Enter comments supporting the sanction decision, including attempts to obtain the CS-201.  FSD-CS should be sent the appropriately completed CS-201 or an IM-16 notifying FSD-CS a sanction was imposed.

NOTE:  Staff should have the CS-201 completed by the applicant if the application is made in person.

0905.010.40.10 Cooperation and Referrals When Adding Children (MAF)

IM-#104, December 20, 2012, IM-#12 January 20, 2000

If a child being added to an active case has the same absent parent as any active child in the home, submit an IM-16 to FSD-CS. The IM-16 will inform FSD-CS the child has been added along with any other new information on the absent parent. If the child has a different absent parent than the other children on the case, send an IM-2E Part 1 with a CS-201 to the parent/caretaker. The IM-2E Part 1 is for the parent/caretaker's information ONLY, it does not need to be signed and returned. Request the CS-201 be filled out and returned, or that the parent/caretaker call the caseworker to provide the needed information. If the parent fails to provide the necessary information on the absent parent, the child should be added to the case. Follow normal procedures to sanction the parent.