0905.012.00 Need (MAF)

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Temporary Assistance budgeting methodologies apply to MAF except for the following:

Definitions of income and income exclusions are the same as Temporary Assistance except:

Assistance group rules are the same except:

NOTE:  A stepparent's income must be considered to determine eligibility of the caretaker (their spouse). This is accomplished by either deeming the stepparent's income or including the stepparent in the parent's assistance group. When the stepparent is included in the parent's assistance group, the stepparent is not eligible for benefits. A stepparent's income is excluded when evaluating the children's MAF eligibility, if it would cause the children to be ineligible. (Refer to Section 0905.012.10.15)

Example: Mrs. C. and 2 children from a previous marriage apply for MAF. She is married and there are no in-common children. Deem stepparent income to determine if Mrs. C. and the 2 children qualify for MAF. If income is in excess of the three person limit, include Mr. C. and his income to determine eligibility based on a four person assistance group. If still ineligible, reject Mrs. C. and complete a third budget excluding Mr. C. and not deeming stepparent income. If the assistance group is only eligible by excluding the stepparent income, approve the children for MAF and reject Mrs. C. MAF case would reflect Ms. C. as a “Z” (included) person on the case.

0905.012.05  Dependent Child (MAF)

A dependent child is:

  1. under age 18, or age 18 and a full-time student in high school or the equivalent level of vocational or technical training and expected to complete the schooling; and
  2. living with a relative or legal GUARDIAN.

If a child does not meet the above criteria, explore MC+ for children eligibility.