Children's Vision Information

For Eye Care Professionals

Missouri Eye Examination Form for School  (Online Version)

For School Health Professionals

pdf file 2009 Guidelines for Vision Screening in Missouri Schools
Children's Vision Screening video - produced by the Missouri Optometric Association

Forms Available for Download

Word file HIPAA Form (Sample)
Word file School Sample Letter for Parents (.doc)
pdf file School Vision Screening Form
pdf file School Functional Vision Assessment Form
Word file School Referral to Parent for Exam
pdf file Missouri Eye Examination Form for School (Paper Version)
pdf file Missouri Vision Exam Annual Report - K or 1st Grades
pdf file Missouri Vision Screening Annual Report - 1st and 3rd Grades

pdf file Vision Exam Annual Report Explanation
pdf file Vision Screening Annual Report Explanation

Additional Resources

ppt file Vision Screening Guidelines (PowerPoint)
pdf file Frequently Asked Questions: Childrens Vision Law (Missouri)


RSMo 167.194 – Vision Examination Required - Children enrolling in Kindergarten or First Grade
RSMo 167.195 – Eye Screening Required - Children in First and Third Grade; Vision Commission
RSMo 192.935 – Blindness Education, Screening, and Treatment Program/Fund

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