MO HealthNet Provider Hot Tip of the Week

Coverage for Pregnant Women

The purpose of this hot tip is to provide further clarification on allowable ME codes for physicians providing obstetrical services to Medicaid Pregnant Women (MPW).

In addition to the commonly used ME 18, ME 43, ME 44, ME 45, and ME 61, the following ME Codes are also allowable for payment:

If you are providing care to a patient with one of these ME codes (as well as many others) and they subsequently become pregnant, the obstetrical services you provide to them will be covered by Medicaid.

By changing the adult designation to one of the MPW ME codes listed above, it will provide the full range of dental benefits to pregnant adults.

The MO HealthNet Division provides weekly tips to providers to assist them in receiving timely reimbursement for services provided. As each new tip is posted, existing ones are archived on the same site for easy reference. Please share these weekly tips with your billing staff.